Photo lamp rotating

Rotating Photo Lamps – Unique Birthday Gift!

Birthdays are like milestones in the journey of life. And what better could it be on such a milestone than to pause for a while and look back at the special moments lived in the past. Hence the best birthday gifts are those which would take the birthday boy/girl back to those moments he has cherished till that time. A photo frame did that job. But when one is looking for a gift, novelty is a must these days. We expect the gift to be unique as much as useful. Rotating Photo lamps like Nostalgia tick all boxes for a perfect birthday present.

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photo lamp

How to select a photo lamp for gift?

In 2016, it was pretty simple to choose a photo lamp. Cubelit – A steady five cubical photo lamp was the only option available. Zoci Voci introduced all different designs, geometries and functionalities to this concept after that. Cubelit was both the Adam and Eve of the small civilization of customized lamps which developed later. But now, customers are often confused as over 50 designs available for radiating memories. Between the uniqueness of a pyramid lamp to the enchanting effect of revolving photo lamps, it can get difficult to make up one’s mind. As makers of these amazing personalized gifts, here is a guide for how to make this tough choice.

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photography lamps

Photography Lamps – A perfect customised gift for Photographers

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone can see it. Only few blessed and talented people have the art to make people see the beauty in the simplest things surrounding us. One such person is my friend Sanjay. He is blessed with the art of photography. He loves to take long early morning drives and capture the most beautiful moments of mother nature in a special way and bring the natural beauty to others eyes. I loved his art and always pushed him to participate in competitions and exhibitions. But recently, he participated in a competition and his work got rejected, with which he was very disappointed and got depressed.

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1st Birthday Gift

Best 1st Birthday Gift – Cylinder Photo lamp.

While choosing the best 1st birthday gift for my son, I’m overwhelmed with nostalgia. It feels like just yesterday was the day when my water broke and we had rushed to the hospital. I had a boom of emotions in me. After 8 months and 29 days, the day had finally come! I was anxious, nervous, excited all at the same time!! “My water is broke, so in no time I will have my baby in my arms” and there were so many similar anticipatory thoughts running in my mind! But little did I know that becoming a mother was not that easy.

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A blog by a Joyful customer

We are married for three years now, but never expressed our love for each other. Arranged marriages, as it is, hardly give any opportunities of love expression. And we were no different. We matched Kundlis and sun signs, saw studio-clicked-photos and did the match ! Having met only twice or thrice, we both knew that we were in no hurry for rushing into each other. And today when our married life is a three year baby now, I wanted to express my love for her. She is an interior designer and I know her love for lights. So I wanted to gift her ‘best version’ of light, a lamp! A lamp that would not just illuminate her face but also lit her heart! And then began my search to buy anniversary gift online for my beloved.

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A Personalized Gift that radiates memories!

A present is a personification of emotions. It delivers a set of emotions which words can’t express. Usually a gift delivers the same emotion along with a “vow” factor. Surprise is an integral part of gifts these days. May it be midnight birthday celebrations or early morning cake attacks, on every occasion people plan to do something never done before. Packing its unique customized touch, personalized gifts have been in trend since 2010. The demand for such personalized anniversary and birthday gifts has grown to levels like never before. Photo mugs and cushions were the first outbreak of utility gifts getting printed upon. But as time went, people have now started to look for new ideas. In such an atmosphere, photo lamps by Zoci Voci have emerged to be the new thing people were waiting for. The number of searches on Google and the number of people finally going ahead to buy personalized photo lamps online is growing with every passing day!

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Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts !

An anniversary recalls memories. The spirit of pausing for a while and looking back at the moments spent in that year is what defines the feel behind an anniversary. Hence a personalized gift with memories of the year, the well spent moments in that time captured in a beautiful utility product usually makes for a good token of love and hence a great anniversary gift.  A birthday is usually a celebration of an individual. Birthday gifts usually involve celebration of the person’s characteristics. It depends on the recipient’s need/taste that year and gives a basic context for getting a good birthday gift. but Valentine’s Day is one such day, where there is no readymade context for a gift.

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Personalised photo Lamps

Frequently asked questions about personalized photo lamps

A personalized photo mug is a ceramic white mug on which a picture is heat printed. It is usually oven safe and completely washable. The product is simple to understand from the pictures and the design differences are obvious from visual images. But same is not the case when one looks to buy personalised photo lamps online. The design, geometries, features, number of pictures and life are specific for each design and has to be understood well before you click the buy button. So here are some frequently asked questions faced by us as we are the oldest seller for these amazing photo lamps.

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Creative Gifts for Valentine’s Day

A roman emperor once felt that bachelor soldiers fought better than the married. Putting a ban on marriages for young men is then what he did. Young couples had no place to find nuptial bliss. Alone without each other, they could no where find peace. Seeing the injustice of this decree, St. Valentine came out to set the lover birds free. Defying the tyrant, he kept performing marriages in secret and in his memory, is the day of love – Valentine’s Day we all celebrate!

The history of Valentine’s Day is based on the heroics of this saint who went against all odds to save the love of many young couples. With time, the day has been generally accepted as the day of love. From married couples to the ones who are planning to go down on one knee, this day is special for all. And so much of celebration on a single day, calls for some creative gifts. For all those who wish to propose on 14th Feb., our range of romantic Valentine’s Day gifts offers creative ideas to impress your loved one.

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A boy holding a customised gift on Diwali

The Perfect Diwali Gift

It is only days to go for the great Indian festival. The day, which marks the home coming of Ram is like a treasure box for Indians. From new clothes to that Eidi, all have to wait for the whole year, for this day to come. It may be the bliss of having those once in a year delicacies or lighting those odd numbered lamps, Diwali is essentially about spreading joy. And the most challenging part of this process is choosing among the best gifts for Diwali for your loved one.

Sweet and dry fruit boxes a thing of past. Many don’t even consider them gifts now. They would wait for you to pop out something even after you give that. Also, more than often it goes into that never ending exchange cycle of courtesies. A couple of years and that dry fruit box can even come back to you some day.

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Ganesh Visarjan – Polluted end or a fresh start?

Kapoor is introduced into the flame as it ignites and fill the air with its pungent odor. Mr. Sharma is sweating profusely with his eyes radiating the war of emotions going inside him. “Ganpati Bappa’s presence feel like grandpa to me. The last 10 days have been so good being with him. But he will be gone now. I can’t even imagine how this place will be without him. These flowers, the table, this house will not be the same tomorrow. ” he thought.

With his hands lost in the subconscious motion of Aarti, he looks at the environment around. A small idol of Ganesh ji is placed between a number of marigold around. A hung garland of Jasood ended its length at his tummy. The price of this flower skyrocketed at this time of the year. Obviously as it is the favorite of the elephant headed as they say. Hence, Mrs. Sharma had made it with her hands today.  Those hands which were now busy clapping for the last time this year before they bid bye to Bappa. Her eyes were fixed to the Lord’s contrary to the loose pallu she had taken of the saffron saree she was draped in.

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ELEVEN Reasons why we must celebrate 16th August this year!

The Independence Day was a hard earned effort by our forefathers and freedom fighters. We celebrate 15th August as just a date of India getting Independent from Britishers, salute the national flag, sing some patriotic songs that day, take some patriotic quotes and put it on our status, but from very next day we start living our normal routine life forgetting all about the last day patriotism. So, instead of celebrating 15th August, following are ELEVEN reasons that we should celebrate 16th August this year: 

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Notorious DIY Gift Ideas For Rakhi – The day of perennial extortion!

It is only weeks to count for rakshabandhan, when clad in new bright colors, having a wide smile on her face, she walks up to you. She takes a band from that plate and ties it tight around your right wrist, every one taking pictures in their phones, asking you to smile. But you can’t. You know what this is going to end into, as you have not prepared a rakhi gift for her.

She takes a live flame right around your face with her smile getting wicked. Now, she can sense the moment nearing now. She offers a small piece of sweet to you and before even you finish gulping it down, it is there. Her cheeks touching her eyes and her hands open as wide as they can get in front of you, asking for that yearly token of perennial extortion – her gift!

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Gifting Trends – Then, now and Forever! [2020 Updated]

It was on my 12th birthday, that my dad gifting me a harmonica. Though I had no knowledge or interest in music as such then, I used to give sore ears to everyone around, playing it all day. One fine day, mom fearing deafness if not controlled, snatched it from my mouth and kept it in an inaccessible closet for my height. A heart breaking moment for me. I cried all day, but she didn’t give it back. It was only years later, when I was cleaning the house for Diwali with mom, that I found it back in that box. We both did laugh at its sight, but that harmonica then found space in a folder, which shall forever keep all the most important memories of my life.

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