What did you plan as a gift for hubby on his birthday this year? Do you wish to give a more off-beat gift on your anniversary? Don’t you think that the gifts in stores have become monotonous? If you want some unique gifts for your husband, your search ends here!

We, at Zoci Voci, have created a list of dazzling variations of personalized gifting items for your husband. We have a wide assortment of gifting items such as photo lamps, photo frames, mugs, and many more.

Explore the best birthday gifts for your Husband at Zoci Voci!

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“Journey of Love” Couple Photo Frame.

Original price was: ₹ 1,299.00.Current price is: ₹ 999.00.

3D Chess board game

Original price was: ₹ 4,500.00.Current price is: ₹ 2,999.00.

A Happy Marriage Couple lamp for anniversary gift

Original price was: ₹ 1,199.00.Current price is: ₹ 999.00.

Aloo-Gobi photo wall clock

Original price was: ₹ 599.00.Current price is: ₹ 499.00.
anniversary gift heart engraved lamp
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Anniversary Gift – Heart Lamp With Names

 999.00 1,499.00

Anniversary Gift – Red Rotating Photo Lamp

Original price was: ₹ 1,499.00.Current price is: ₹ 1,199.00.

Anniversary Gift for Wife/Husband – LED Heart Lamp with Rose

Original price was: ₹ 1,200.00.Current price is: ₹ 999.00.

Anniversary wishes personalized clock

Original price was: ₹ 599.00.Current price is: ₹ 499.00.

Balanced relationship couple caricature gift standee

Original price was: ₹ 999.00.Current price is: ₹ 799.00.
Batwa-Customized Wallet for Men
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Batwa-Customized Wallet for Men

Batwa-Customized Wallet for Men Blue
Batwa-Customized Wallet for Men Brown
Batwa-Customized Wallet for Men Green
Batwa-Customized Wallet for Men Tan
Original price was: ₹ 999.00.Current price is: ₹ 699.00.

Personalized Gift for hubby

An Indian man, though may not express his soft side but is equally emotional at heart. He may not express it often, but he too craves for love from people who matter to him. And who could be more close to his heart than his life partner?

This year give a birthday gift to your husband which is truly special. Select from a range of amazing personalized gift ideas and make him smile. Photo lamps and creative picture frames are always the first choices. Carlit – A personalized car accessory would express your affection all the time he is driving. Our new caricature gifts are also a cool way to remind how special he is to you.

Make your next gift for hubby unforgettable. Nothing will show your efforts like giving personalized gifts to your husband! He will love getting gifts with his name, initials or photos embossed right on them.

Although giving a personalized gift is cool, but the gift matters a lot too. So instead of wondering- what your husband will like? How can you customize a gift according to his taste? We, at Zoci Voci, have made an extensive list of personalized gifting items curated for your husband!

Personalized Gift for Hubby’s Birthday

Is your hubby a car guy? Do you both often travel in your car? Are long drives your favorite weekend plans? If you wish to give him a gift that can be special for him and has some utility, then we have the perfect option for you. Zoci Voci’s Carlit is the best gift for your husband. It is a personalized car accessory, where you can add your photo and his name too. It has a sweet quote on it “Drive Safe; I love you”. It also gets a beautiful backlit glow when the sun shines through the front glass.

Personalized Gift for your Husband on your Anniversary

Are you celebrating your first anniversary? Or your 25th wedding anniversary? We have the best gift for your husband! Zoci Voci brings you ‘A Happy marriage Couple Lamp‘. It is a combination of a lamp and a photo frame. It is a sweet bedside photo lamp or a pleasant desk lamp for your soulmate.

This personalized lamp has a cutout of Mr & Mrs in wood with a photo of the couple. Along with these, there are two handcrafted bride and groom eggs which have a light inside. They are a reminder to the state of joy you were in, on that particular day. This couple gift tells the story of how complete you felt with your partner that day. And there has been no change in that feeling to date. The picture behind is replaceable anytime in the future.

Simple ways to shop Personalised gifts online

Are you tired of scavenging through all the gift shops? Zoci Voci is the best online alternative for you! We offer you the comfort of choosing as well as customizing the perfect gift for your soul mate. We bring you a fantastic range of personalized gifts for your husband, with free shipping!

If you are in a hurry to get your special gift as soon as possible, we have the option of two-day delivery for some cities. You can log in to Zoci Voci, select your gift item, and mail us your best images that you want to print on to the item. And we will deliver you a guaranteed item within two days at your doorstep. We are known for our excellent customer service.

Why choose Zoci Voci for Gifts for your Husband

If you scroll through the page, you will see a list of customizable items available for you. We have especially taken care of infusing love and emotions in every gift. Enjoy the pure ecstasy of choosing a perfect gift for your special someone, and get it delivered. Zoci Voci offers the best customer service for you. We help in all your doubts and queries right from placing the order until its delivery.

Zoci Voci has a wide range of personalized gifts available that are pocket-friendly as well as environment friendly. We have created a range of products in different price range so that you can choose a perfect gift. All products made by Zoci Voci are Made In India.

Despite our blogs and best efforts to simplify everything and give the best-personalized gift ideas, it can be a real challenge to figure out what you want and sometimes confusing as well, but we can help—Opt-in for our free personalized gift consultation to choose good birthday gifts for you.

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