We are located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. But we deliver to every pin code in India. And on one good day, we have dispatched our products to over 100 different addresses internationally. Our reach is global.

    There could be thousands of customized gifts online. Hundreds of them would be on our site. But have you still not found that one present which excites you? Do not fret over it! Customized gifting is all about personalizing a product to its very detail. You may have gone through a number of options in form of photo mugs, personalized lamps, photo clocks and many others. But if you still are not satisfied, contact us for photo lamps, name plates and all other customized gifts.

    We believe that gifting is special. It is not as simple as buying any factory made stuff online. Hence, we do take customized gift requests that are even out of our catalog. Many of our best selling presents today are ideas from customers. We would love to listen to your thought on a call, Whatsapp or Instagram.

    Personalized gift consultation

    Do not wish to jump to a call directly? Try our personalized gift consultation tool. Answer six questions about the recipient. Our expert will pick the best present out of the catalog for you and suggest it over an email. Try to give as many details as possible about their liking so that we can select the most apt gift for him/ her.

    Queries about Telepathy friendship lamps?

    Staying away from the people you love? Now, stay connected with them with these cool friendship lamps.

    Touch on one, other lights up – No matter the distance between!

    Watch a playlist of videos that explain the Telepathy lamps here.

    Telepathy Lamps – How to set up?

    Facing troubles with the set up of your Telepathy long distance touch lamps? This video explains the Wi Fi set up of Telepathy lamps. If you still are not able to get it hooked up, do write to us at telepathy@zocivoci.com. We will help you get this sorted very soon.

    Personalized Lamps – What, why and how?

    contact for photo lampsAdding light to your most loved memories is surely a bright idea. But being so new as a concept also raises many queries. We understand that. What is the material used, the printing method, life of light and many other questions surely would pop up. Nostalgia rotating photo lamps  being unique with their integration of motorized revolution, further makes it intriguing. We know you would have queries. Do not think twice and give us a call, we would love to clear all your queries for your new customized photo lamp.

    How to choose the best photo lamp?

    There are so many designs now! Rotation, photo lamp with music, hanging customized lights, there is such a wide range. It can be confusing to pick one. Give a read through this article –How to select a photo lamp for gift? It gives good guidance on how to select one. If you are still not sure, give us a call. Our experience in making customized lamps from more than 6 years may help 🙂

    Size of LED photo frame

    Led photo frames are slowly replacing conventional picture frames with their unique light element. With this there could be queries for a customized size, making a family photo wall or conceptual queries on Mirage – 3D led photo frame. We would love to answer those. Write to us!

    Delivery of customized gifts online

    While buying a gift online, the biggest concern is delivery time. When everything is working fine, we deliver customized gifts to major pin codes in metro cities within 1-3 days depending on time of order. While other cities time vary from 2-7 days depending on the pin codes. Want to be sure before ordering? Share your pin code with us and we will give the perfect delivery date.

    Customized name plates – We are all ears!

    size of customized name platesA name plate is something which remains with you for almost a decade. Or at times even more. We want it to be exactly as you have imagined. If you could not find anything in our catalog of designer name plates, write to us! We custom make name plates for flats, bungalows, societies, apartments, offices and kids rooms. May it be in acrylic, wood, glass, stainless steel, metal or any other material, we specialize in creating stunning name plates out of all materials.

    Size customization for name plates

    Every home is special. Each house has a different door and entrance. We have taken the liberty to define some standard sizes, which majorly would cover all types. But we know that there would be cases where customized size of name plates would be required. Hence we are ready to take the effort of making a customized size for you. Give us an email to orders@zocivoci.com.

    Questions about LED name plates

    Adding light to a name plate can be exciting, but surely raises some concerns. Everything you need to know about led name plates – is an article which covers details of this new trend in home name boards.

    Name plate materials – which to choose?

    If you can’t make up your mind on which material is ideal for your home name plate, then give a read to this article. Name plate materials  covers all different materials used, their maintenance required, life and relative pricing.

    If you still have queries, contact for photo lamps and name plates. We would love to hear from you.