How to select a photo lamp for gift?

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How to select a photo lamp for gift?

In 2016, it was pretty simple to choose a photo lamp. Cubelit – A steady five cubical photo lamp was the only option available. Zoci Voci introduced all different designs, geometries and functionalities to this concept after that. Cubelit was both the Adam and Eve of the small civilization of customized lamps which developed later. But now, customers are often confused as over 50 designs available for radiating memories. Between the uniqueness of a pyramid lamp to the enchanting effect of revolving photo lamps, it can get difficult to make up one’s mind. As makers of these amazing personalized gifts, here is a guide for how to make this tough choice.



 Purpose of Photo Lamp:

The primary basis of classification can be the intent behind. For example, if one is looking to buy it as a birthday gift for a teen age sister or brother, a Cubelit mini photo lamp with 5 of his/her best Instagram pictures can serve the purpose. Simplicity of the mini lamp with its small size makes for a handy desk device in a teenager’s messy room. With its rugged construction and cute appearance, it could appeal more to an age-group which is constantly looking for something exciting.

While if one is looking for a unique anniversary gift for wife/husband, the Nostalgia lamp would make more sense. An anniversary calls for a gift which would take the partner back into the best moments lived together. Nostalgia rotating photo lamps do exactly the same. A number of memories passing one after the other with a backlit element, they make unique personalized gifts on anniversary.



Number of Pics Available for Photo Lamp:

Most of birthday or anniversary gifts today are given as a surprise. An unexpected gift brings more joy. But with customized gifts, this could be a task. As they need photos of the recipient beforehand. A customized lamp would come out best if one selects the design with number and layout of pictures available.

As a wedding gift, If one has only a single picture from Whatsapp display picture, one can go with the Love or Mr and Mrs photo lamp. The new couple would like the idea of a radiating memory coupled with their names together. The laser cutout of Mr & Mrs or Love above would add to the beauty of your gift.

But if one gets access to a whole pre-wedding photo shoot of the new couple, then the popular Tower Photo Lamp, is the top wedding gift. With room for over 12-13 pictures, one can avoid the harsh task of making choice between equally beautiful snaps. Also, the tower photo lamp gives room for a single 11” vertical portrait.  Most of pre-wedding photographers take one such click. It can realize its best impact with the tall tower lamp.

But if one does not have access to original or good quality images and have to take them from Facebook, both versions of mini lamp make sense. We have designed the size of mini photo lamp so that it do not require high quality images and looks beautiful even with pictures shared on messengers like Whatsapp. All such networking sites compress the original photos to keep the web experience light. Hence if they are applied on a bigger geometry, the pixels can get distorted. For a sharp result, one must go with the mini or Mini rotating lamp in such cases.



Recipient of Photo Lamp:

A good gift is only “good” if it ticks all boxes for the recipient. The choice of a personal utility product like a lamp must be based on the owner’s taste. He/she is going to see it all the time. Hence the giver must keep in mind whether or not a given design is the perfect choice. For example, Harmony – a photo lamp which has music, phone charging point and a clock, could be the super gift for a geek who loves electronics. But since Harmony has space for just two pictures, it could disappoint a teen age girl who likes more number of pictures.



A gift also has to be decided on the basis of amount one wishes to invest in it. For example a friend’s birthday party can go with an economic choice like Cubelit Mini. But if the same photo lamp is given as an anniversary gift, it could fetch you the tag of being stingy. Hence we have this budget filter where in you can specify if you want a photo lamp under 1000 rupees and find the designs which are available under the same bracket.

These are some of the factors which could help you zero down the perfect gift for your loved one. But we guarantee one thing – Joy. Irrespective of the design, our photo lamps assure a smile to the recipient and a gift that he/she will cherish for a life time.


Personalized photo lamp according to shape

A symmetrical 5 sided structure provides an ideal balance for photo size and quantity proportion.

There is no end point of our memories and so is not for this lamp. Collect all your moods and fix it on this beautiful edge -less lamp.

Antique as much as it can get. A four sided pyramid will set itself apart from all your interior products and stall for its unique beauty

Have beautiful landscape snaps and don’t wish to crop any part of it? Go for a rectangle lamp, which gives you a full photo width and doesn’t cut any of its background like a square cube.

We have a thing for portraits as well. Stand tall with 2 of your best vertical images and mix it with a blend of 7 other photos (3 each side) and a top image.

Add another dimension to your hanging light with this dice lamp. Hung from a vertex rather than a face, it adds a complete new element to the conventional cube.

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