Personalized Clocks – A gift to express affection any time!

The idea of a photo frame has changed rapidly over the past few years. It is not necessarily a conventional PVC/wooden frame with a wooden back and a glass in front module. Nor it is necessarily a portrait or landscape. With so many utilities getting a customized touch over them, there are a lot of exciting ideas which serve the purpose of conserving a memory. With their usefulness as a night light, buying photo lamps online has been a trend in gifting.

But what if you still want it on the wall only? We live in a world where ideas are more and the space to fit in them is getting less. So how about integrating photo frame with a utility, where it still remains on wall? Hence we bring to you a wide range of creative personalized wall clocks.

Why photo clocks?

A personalized gift is intended to give a special touch to the present, which the recipient never forgets. The product must remind the user of the sender’s affection for a longer run. So what could be a better idea than giving a clock which is printed with a picture? Every time the recipient looks up to check the time, he/she will be reminded of your affection.

Brilliant anniversary gifts!

If you are looking for a romantic for wife/husband, then your search ends here! We have found the cutest couples of India and have made super cool designs with them for your photo to be presented. The likes of Samosa-Chutney, Chai-Khari & Fries-Ketchup photo clocks are the best way to express how your partner completes you. These Indian designs make for an exciting personalized gift on wedding anniversaries.

A clock made out of 12 photo frames

If you are designing a memory wall, the family photo frame wall clock is an interesting idea. Here we have made each number of the clock dial a photo frame. Personalized with 12 pictures of 8” x 6”, this is a big five feet diameter wall clock. The hands are also specially made 18 inches long set with a high torque motor.

Personalized gift for every occasion

These custom made clocks are not just for couples. There are specially crafted designs for birthdays and family. If you are looking for a personalized gift in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai or any metro city, these digitally printed acrylic clocks can be delivered within a day to your door step. With a table top and wall mount arrangement both provided, our photo clocks are portable according to your requirement.

Unique photo frames

Customized clocks do not just add a utility element to the photo frame idea. But with the constant ticking of hands, they provide a dynamic touch to a conventional picture frame. And with personal quote and captions, they can be made with your own thoughts & ideas.