Colorful photo mug with name


Creative personalized mugs

One’s first active interaction in the day is a tea/coffee mug. A sip from is only kick switches the day on for many of us. To start one’s day with a nice hot drink is good. But it would be special if that coffee is served in a mug which has a witty quote and your picture with it. Remembering the notion with which this mug was gifted, it will bring a memory and smile along with.

Photo mugs have been the oldest choice of product when it comes to buying personalized gifts online. We at Zoci Voci, have went a step ahead to create designs which are also customized for the relationship. Hence it is not just a picture on a mug, but it also portrays the nature of relationship.

Customized mugs for couples:

Personalized gifting majorly has been trending between couples on occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. As it is a very personal product, the giver-recipient relationship also has to be so candid, that one can know what the other will appreciate. For such couples who look to get everything in twining, we have three designs in Mr & Mrs couple mug set. One of it has a photograph and name combined. Second has the wedding year inscribed along with the alphabet cut design. The last design uses “his” and “her” to dictate the level of devotion.

Cool gift for moms:

A mama bear mug dedicated for the new moms dictate the protective nature of one’s mom, while the “Well done” mug uses humor to tell mom  how special you both are to have each other. May it be the Mother’s day  or mummy’s birthday, these cool designs with brilliant color spreads are great gift ideas.

Life & Usability:

All our personalized mugs are made of 100% ceramic. The prints are directly transferred on the surface of the mugs. Hence these are completely microwave safe and washable. The quality of these photos remains the same for years as this is a stain transfer technology used for printing.

A great additional gift

Many are not contended with single gift. They want to pair it up with another cool gift or a series of customized products which the recipient will get one after the other. For example, you have already bought a personalized photo lamp with us. And you want something extra. For such special gift hampers, customized mugs are a great addition. Being a low budget product, these personalized mugs can be an excellent added present.