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Pioneers of Personalized Photo Lamps – Radiating Memories!

If the idea of light radiating through your memories excites you, then you are at the correct place. At a time when no such product existed, Zoci Voci came up with this cube, which had 5 pictures radiating light from within. The brilliance of a lamp and the emotion attached with one’s pictures integrated to form a product which ticked all boxes for a perfect personalized gift. It was unique, beautiful and at the same time immensely useful.

Once the idea received so much love, the team started developing different geometries which proved to be great personalized gifts in Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. From beautiful shaped like pyramids and dice to rotating lamps, Zoci Voci has the widest range of designs to offer if you are looking to buy personalized lamps online. Following is a basic classification for choosing a customized lamp.

Table Lamps

This was the first vertical in which these designs were created and also the one which has widest options. Table lamps offer the mobility one looks for while selecting a personalized gift. Cube, pyramid, cylinder, tower, tree shaped and rectangle are the few designs in which one can buy personalized photo lamps to be kept on a side table or shelf. With the addition of a stainless steel folding stand, many of these designs are also available in conventional lamp shade options.

Nostalgia Rotating Photo Lamps

With eyes closed when memories pass one after the other, the feeling is called Nostalgia. The introduction of rotation to a customized lamp realized the same feeling in a physical product. The rotation enhances the impact of the memories and shows all sides to the viewer from a single stand point. There are two sizes currently available in cubical geometry, one in tower photo lamp and the latest being a first of its kind Circlet – A circular rotating photo lamp shade.

Hanging customized lights

The idea of radiating memories also looks beautiful when applied to interiors. Hanging personalized lamps bring a modern touch in front of conventional pendant lights and chandeliers. There are a good number of designs available in this segment. But the Dice hanging photo lamp is the best of them all, as it hangs only on a vertex. This makes the geometry look like a crystal and shows six pictures in front of a conventional cube which loses one side for electrical fitting.

Mirage – 3D personalized lamps

All other customized lamps only radiate memories. But Mirage is a design where the light comes out only from the picture and even the background is blacked out. This grabs all the attention to the memory there and also the vinyl plotted makes the image as if in 3D. If one wishes to have a very memorable moment converted into a photo lamp, Mirage is the gift for them.

Backlit wall photo frames

If you are looking to get a great design for your bed back or planning a family photo wall, Photo Frames set is a great option. When put up in odd numbers, the honeycomb structure which the parallel lines create entices the viewer even when switched off. And when the lights are turned on, they become a wall mural which looks to have come straight out of an architect’s lab.

Harmony – A complete desk solution

If you are tired of looking at your desk full of different devices, then Harmony is your savior. Building upon the concept of radiating memories, Harmony offers music to you. Coupled with a Bluetooth controlled speaker, a phone charger and a backlit clock, this is a single device which replaces five. If you are looking to buy personalized gifts online for your loved one who appreciates cool electronics, then this is the ideal choice.

Personalized Name Plates with light

These are one of the most recently developed designs. Pehchan and Parichay are the two sizes in which one can have their name and house number radiate light from within on the face of their home. With the backlit impact, these customized name plates are great addition to home interiors. They are ideal while selecting house warming gifts and wedding personalized gifts for new couple with their new name scribed on it.

Designer photo lamps

Other than these designs which go for all, we have theme based personalized lamps specific for the recipient. Nest of life, an egg themed design is a brilliant way to tell your mom that the world began from her. It is a very creative gifts for mom. ‘My world revolves around you’ sequential personalized lamp and Mr-Mrs photo frame form to be cool anniversary personalized gifts. While Canvas with a customized caption option, provides you the liberty to create a fun gift for friends.

As they say the only source of knowledge is experience. And if you are looking to bank on it, Zoci Voci being the pioneers of this concept is the most trusted site to buy personalized photo lamps. And with our express delivery option, you can get personalized gifts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Delhi within one day.

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