Rotating photo lamps – Nostalgia!

Night lamps that present memories one after the other through revolution.

Rakhi Gift – Nostalgia – Rotating photo lamp

  • Personalized gift with five pictures.
  • The feeling of Nostalgia is realized through rotation. Makes it a romantic anniversary gift.
  • Photos are fixed with lamination atop, giving great life to the product
  • Switch is given for rotation on/off control
  • Unique and useful - the perfect birthday gift
  • Size: 6" h x 4" x 4"
  • Bigger size also available in this photo lamp
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Tower rotating photo lamp

  • Tall photo lamp with rotation
  • Personalized with 9-13 photos
  • Can feature one full size vertical portrait.
  • Size: 13" h x 4" x 4". SKU: ZV023
  • This is a rotating lamp. Steady tower photo lamp is also available.
  • Watch this products reviews on Youtube
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Nostalgia Flora – Rotating photo lamp

  • Imagine waking up midnight, you click a switch on and see a picture of your wife smiling. This is Nostalgia Flora.
  • A stunning anniversary gift of radiating memories. A beautiful night lamp for everyday use.
  • Order and send email of the photos along with order number to [email protected]
  • Size: 4 x 4 x 4 inch. Material: Acrylic + Premium Matt Laminated Prints. Floral design on top is laser cut in acrylic.
  • Photo prints, Light, rotation all inside. World's prettiest night lamp is ready for plug & play.
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You & I Rotating photo lamp

 1,399.00 1,499.00
  • Tall rotating lamp with the facility of replacing the pictures
  • Size: 10" x 4" x4"
  • Material: Acrylic + Vinyl
  • A personalized gift which can take up to 12 pictures
  • A bedside lamp, which lights up the pictures and slowly rotates presenting them one by one.
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Personalized gift – Nostalgia Rotating Photo Lamp

5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5" 1.5" h acrylic stand below On/off switch for day/night time use 5 Photos SKU: ZV022 The smaller form of this photo lamp is Nostalgia Mini.
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Nostalgia Circlet – Rotating Personalized Lamp Shade

  •  The good old  lamp shade which rotates and radiates memories!
  • Takes 5-6 photos
  • First ever rotating lamp shade!
  • 5.75" dia. X 4" h with 6" h folding stainless steel stand.
  • Material: Acrylic + Laminated Adhesive based printing
  • SKU: ZV039
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Best selling table top lamps

Different geometries generating same joy!

Live Love Lamp

Love cutout lamp with heart shaped photo Personalized gift for him/her on Valentine's Day Size: 3" wooden base + 3" acrylic alphabets Minimalist design looks splendid with light on  
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Personalized Cylinder lamp

  • A cylindrical shaped photo lamp, that showcases almost each of your best captured moments
  • Material: acrylic material, thus giving it a very sturdy look
  • The customized photographs are printed with the help of laminated printing, thus all your images will be scratch resistant
  • Customizable with up to 12 best-shared photos
  • Dimensions: 8″ h x 4″ dia.
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Personalized Gift Tower Photo Lamp

  • 11.5" h x 4" w x 4" d
  • 12- 13 Pictures - 3 on each side, 1 on top.
  • Full-sized Vertical Portrait Photo possible with 11 Pictures.
  • Beautiful Bottom Glow
  • Laminated Scratch Free Print
  • This is a steady non-rotating design. A Rotating photo lamp is also available in this shape.
  • Check out reviews for this product on Youtube
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The Color of Love – Photo Art Lamp (16 Colored light, Comes with remote)

Material : Acrylic Size : 4" x 4" x 4" 5 Photos are required Photos are first converted into digital art sketches and placed on all 5 sides A wide color spectrum of 16 different colors is available A remote is provided to change the colors with different modes of transition A romantic gift to choose the color according to your mood
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Personalized lamps with speaker

Because memories & music is a sweet combination

Harmony – World’s 1st Photo Lamp With Music System

  • Harmony is a complete desk solution. One device replaces four.
  • Clock, Lamp, Photo Frames & Speaker  - All inside this beautiful raw wood casing.
  • Personalized gift with two photos.
  • Modes of Music:
    • Bluetooth compatibility with phone
    • FM Radio
    • Play music via USB Drive
    • Memory card slot and aux. cable connectivity
    • Wireless remote control
  • Back lit clock with glow in dark hands.
  • Switch for independent operation of Lamp/Speaker as well.
  • Polished wooden body - Size: 7" height x 5" width x 5" depth/
If you wish to enter photos later yourself, you can place the order and send an email to us for sending in insert able photos form.
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Yaadein – Rotating photo lamp with music system

  • World's first personalized lamp which rotates and has an integrated speaker
  • Music options -
    • Bluetooth pairing with phone
    • Play Mp3 songs via USB Drive
    • Tune in to FM Radio channels
    • Memory Card,
    • Aux cable
  • Beautiful album style photo design arrangement
  • Switch provided to control rotation ON/OFF
  • BIG size photo lamp with upto 17 pictures. Size: 9" h x 7" w x 7"d
  • Material: Acrylic + Matt Laminated printing
  • Radiating Memories + Favorite music + Subtle Rotation = A perfect Gift!
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Unique Photo Lamps

Adding a new dimension to personalized lights

Customized Moon Lamp

 999.00 2,999.00
  • The romantic gift of the moon itself!. Spherical moon themed lamp made using 3D Printing
  • Changes light color on touch. Comes with beautiful wooden stand
  • Powered by battery. Charges with micro USB cable, which comes along with.
  • 3D Printing of one moon lamp takes 30 hour. Adding the 3D Design to this, product takes from 4-7 days for delivery
  • Personalized with one photo and caption on back
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Mirage – 3D Personalized photo lamp

  • A sleek cutout 3d photo lamp, that radiates one of your best memories.
  • Size: 7.75" h x 5.75"w x 1" d
  • Material: Acrylic + Laminated Adhesive based printing + black vinyl cut.
  • The picture is made out of laminated printing, thus making it scratch-free photo lamp
  • With its 3D real life feel, it is a unique personalized gift idea for anniversary, birthday and wedding.
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Photo frames with light inside

A cherished moment relived with light.

Couple Photo Frame with light – Mr & Mrs

» Size: 7″ h x 7″ w x 2″ d » Materials: Wood, Acrylic and Laminated print » Personalized with one image and names » Beautiful cutout of Mr&Mrs in Wood
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LED Heart lamp with names

  • Name of the couple etched with beautiful hearts.
  • Customized with 2 names and a special date.
  • Heart shaped balloons and names engraved on acrylic.
  • Beautiful curved solid wood base with light from inside.
  • Personalized gift for wedding anniversary.
  • Size: 8″ x 6″ x 2″ including base.
  • Send your names and date to [email protected] with order number.
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LED Photo frame

 999.00 6,000.00
Photo frame with light Print can be self changed easily by opening back panel Personalized gift for some one special Great product display idea for restaurants, cafe and corporate signage Material: Acrylic + PVC Frame + Wooden back Adapter is included in the package SKU: ZV020
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Line Art Photo Lamp – Valentine’s day gift

  • A memory etched into an illuminating line art.
  • Digitally drawn outline photo sketch art, engraved on acrylic.
  • Beautiful curved solid wood base with light from inside.
  • Personalized gift for Valentine's Day.
  • Size: 8" x 6" x 2" including base.
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Love Photo Frame with light

Size: 8.75" h x 7" w x 2" d Materials: Wood, Acrylic and Laminated print Personalized with one image and names Beautiful cutout of Love in wood The light radiating through the couple photo frame makes this a useful as well as memorable product.
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Maa – My world LED Photo Frame

  • Creative photo frame for mom which depicts her importance in your life
  • Personalized gift with one photo designed inside the outline of earth
  • Hindi “Maa” and a graphic enhancing the emotional quotient
  • Size: 6 x 8 inch, Material: Black acrylic and laminated print
  • LED photo frame for mom – Unique Mother’s day gift
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Memory-lit Personalized LED frame

Personalized with 1 photo Photo is removable and can be changed yourself later A perfect gift for birthday or anniversary Size :6" x 6"  +  1.5" height base The frame is acrylic Beautiful curved solid wood base with light from inside      
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Personalized Gift – Kite Photo Lamp

  • Unique kite geometry photo frame
  • Comes with tree shaped MDF stand
  • Converts into a radiating photo lamp when switched on.
  • Material: Acrylic. Frame Size: 5.5" h x 5.5" w x 1" d.
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Pyare bhaiya photo lamp

  • Frame size: 8" h x 6"w
  • Personalized with one photo
  • Background will be removed and image will appear from color spread.
  • Comes with installed adapter. Ready to plug and play
  • Material: Acrylic + Laminated print
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Special designs for special relations

Photo lamp designs for mom, dad, siblings & love of life!

A Happy Marriage Couple lamp for anniversary gift

An anniversary gift that reminds your partner of your wedding day
Celebrating your cute companionship with two handcrafted bride and groom eggs
A personalized gift which is also useful as a night lamp with the eggs having light inside.
Material: Laser cut MDF, plastic handcrafted eggs, Light inside, plotted vinyl and photo paper.
Photo is inserted in a groove, which hence can be changed later.
The light from egg spreads to the picture, giving a beautiful feel at night.
3 W LED used - Low on power consumption. High on smile quotient.
Size: 6" x 8" x 2.5" deep. Comes with a two pin plug wire. Ready to switch on and work. No batteries
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Dad- My strength Personalized Lamp

  • Creative photo lamp showing Dad's constant shelter on one's head
  • Personalized with 1 image
  • DAD laser cutout in MDF Wood
  • Egg is with light inside - Can be used as a lamp.
  • Size: 7" x 8" x 2"
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Nest of Life – Personalized Egg Lamp

5.75" l x 5" w x 4.5" h Personalized lamp with 1 photo
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Partners in crime – Gift for Brother/Sister

  • Fun photo frame for fun relationships
  • Cutout in MDF wooden 5 mm sheet
  • LED light inside, comes with adapter
  • Takes three photos
  • Personalized and unique gift for brother/sister
  • SKU - ZV070
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Personalized Lamp Shades

Bed side lamp shades with steel stands

Nostalgia Circlet – Rotating Personalized Lamp Shade

  •  The good old  lamp shade which rotates and radiates memories!
  • Takes 5-6 photos
  • First ever rotating lamp shade!
  • 5.75" dia. X 4" h with 6" h folding stainless steel stand.
  • Material: Acrylic + Laminated Adhesive based printing
  • SKU: ZV039
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Personalized Cube Photo Lamp Shade

  • Personalizable with up to 5 Photos
  • Material: acrylic material, thus very easy on maintenance
  • This hanging lamp comes with an 8’ stainless steel stand, thus makes your table lamp look very sleek
  • 5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5"with 8" S.S. stand below
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Personalized Pyramid Lamp Shade

7" w x 5" h 8" SS stand below 4 Photos SKU: ZV007
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Rectangle Photo Lamp Shade

5.5" h x 7.5" w x 7.5" d 8" SS stand below it 5 Photos SKU: ZV012
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Hanging photo lamps

Ceiling hanging lights with printed pictures

Dice Hanging Photo Lamp

7.5" x 7.5" x 7.5" with one vertice cut to hang 1.5 ft hanging accessory 6 Photos SKU: ZV015
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Hanging Photo Lamp – Rectangle

  • Personalizable with 5 Photos (including a photo on the bottom)
  • 1.5 ft hanging accessory
  • This hanging photo lamp comes in a rectangular shape
  • 5.5" h x 7.5" w x 7.5" d
  • Material: acrylic material
  • 5 W CFI lamp
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Personalized Cube Hanging Light

5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5" with 1.5 ft hanging accessory 5  Photos SKU: ZV003
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Personalized Hanging Lamp – Cylinder

8"h x 4" dia. with 1.5 ft hanging accessory 12 Photos SKU: ZV005
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Personalized Hanging Lamp – Pillar

4″ d x 4″ w x 11.5″ h 1.5 ft hanging accessory 11 Photos SKU: ZV010
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Photo Lamps – Customized gifts that radiate memories

If the idea of light radiating through your memories excites you, then you are at the perfect place. At a time when no such product existed, Zoci Voci came up with this cube, which had five pictures radiating light from within it. The brilliance of a lamp and the emotion attached to one’s images integrated to form a product that ticked all boxes for a perfect personalized gift. It was unique, beautiful, and at the same time, immensely useful. We called it a photo lamp.

Most extensive range of designs in Customized Lamps

Having conceptualized the product 4 years back, Zoci Voci now has the broadest range of designs in personalized night lamps. Based on their place of usage, photo lamps can be divided into seven categories:

  • Nostalgia – rotating lamps
  • Table photo lamps
  • Hanging photo lamps
  • Photo frame with light
  • Customized moon lamps
  • Personalized lamps with music system
  • Unique designs for special relations

Customized revolving photo lamps – Nostalgia

Customized revolving photo lamps

Photo Lamps Size Comparison

Revisiting old memories is Nostalgia. It is that happy feeling when one thinks of all those happy times. Memories could be from any part of life. Those tender moments of childhood captured in monochrome to the candid, colorful pictures from your pre-wedding collection, Nostalgia is reliving these moments. The best way to physically realize Nostalgia is a rotating photo lamp. With the light from inside, there is a warm glow on the skin tones, and the colors get enhanced. This light makes the memories radiate.

With rotation, a unique visual element gets added to this feeling. At a single viewpoint, one gets to view all his/her favorite pictures. The dynamic aspect of rotation further adds to the feel-good factor of the product. Though rotation is just one factor, with pictures revolving one after the other, it looks immensely beautiful. Here are some frequently asked questions on rotating photo lamps. If you are looking to buy a revolving personalized lamp, there are eight unique designs available. Here is a table which gives a comparison between different rotating photo lamps:

Feature Ready to print Mini Rotating Cube Rotating Yaadein Circlet You & I Tower Rotating
No.of Photos 4 5 5 Up to 17 6 8 Up to 13
Size(inch) 4x4x4 6x4x4 7.5×5.5×5.5 9×5.5x.5.5 10×6 dia. 10x4x4 14x4x4
Specialty Self-print Bestseller Big photos Music system Edgeless design Self-print Vertical portrait.
Switch for rotation control No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes

Customized moon photo lamps

Rotating moon lamp

Rotating moon lamp

Moon has a special place in the heart of many. It has symbolized romance and beauty for decades. Romance because the moon is the only natural satellite to our Earth. To the heart, it is almost poetic how the moon appears every night, and after a long-heated day, gives its soft glow. The printed moon lamps recreate this soft glow on your bedside tables. The moon lamp with photos recreates your favorite memory in the form of a 3D printed sphere, which, when given light from within, looks like the moon. The dotted texture of the moon replicates, giving it a ravishing natural aesthetic. There are two designs currently in customized moon lamps:

  • Customized moon lamp – This is a steady lamp with a multicolored led light inside. When tapped, it changes color. This is a battery-based model, which makes it portable. Stand below is a unique wooden base.
  • Chandrama – The new rotating moon lamp is the first of its kind. Here the beauty of the moon is enhanced with a rotation element. The spherical lamp rotates on its axis with a stainless steel stand below. The dynamic feel of this rotation makes it a super romantic anniversary gift. Here is a video of this rotating moon lamp.

The six-inch stand also gives Chandrama the advantage of height over its steady counterpart. But Chandrama is a 220 V AC household supply powered lamp and does not have a battery backup. Both the customized moon lamps take around 30 hours for 3D printing. Hence it takes up to seven days for delivering a moon lamp.

Personalized lamps with music

How many times has it been that hearing to a song has reminded you of a memory? We know that music and memories have a connection. They both appeal to the soul. Hence these are two photo lamps with an inbuilt music system. Both the models have a 10 W speaker, which can be used to play songs. The modes of music both lamps support are:

  • Listen to shows on FM Radio
  • Play songs via USB pen drive
  • Hear the playlists stored in an external storage memory card
  • Instantly play music directly from phone via Bluetooth pairing
  • Aux connection compatibility

Both models come with a wireless remote which can control music from a distance. Though the music hardware is, all the same, the two designs are completely different visually.

Yaadein – Rotating photo lamp with music

The visual of a rotating lamp and the joy of good music are combined in Yaadein. This design probably is the most evolved photo lamp in the whole catalog. It has the best of everything. This Bluetooth speaker lamp takes up to 17 photos and has a feature of rotation. The visual with audio and moving pictures are pleasing to the eye. You can have a look at the video here.

Harmony – A complete desk solution

A complete desk solution

Harmony – A complete desk solution

Harmony is the most tech-driven photo lamps. For people who like minimum stuff on their table, this is a personalized gift for them. It features a backlit clock on the front, has slots for two pictures on left and right. The LED light from inside makes the pictures glow. And there is a multifunctional speaker on the top. It is a unique design that serves the utilities of a clock, a music system, lamp, and photo frames in one. If you wish to give a useful present, Harmony is the product for you.

Table photo lamps

All the above designs are magnificent designs with additional features and utilities. But, if you are looking for a simple photo lamp that sits pretty on a table and radiates light, this is the section for you. Table photo lamps purely celebrate our tagline of radiating memories. The oldest designs are still some of our best selling ones because of their simplicity.

Table Photo Lamp

Table Photo Lamp

Here is a table containing a comparison between different geometries of table photo lamps

Lamp Mini Cube Pyramid Cylinder Tower Rectangle
Size(Inch) 4x4x4 5.5×5.5×5.5 5 x 7 x 7 8x4x4 12x4x4 5.5×7.5×7.5
No. of Photos 5 5 4 8 to 12 9 to 13 5
Best for Close-ups Big square photos With lot background Photo collage Full portrait Wide landscapes
LED light 3 W 5 W 7 W 5 W Three color 5 W 7 W

Most of these geometries are also available with stainless steel stands, giving them a more conventional lampshade look. All the table photo lamps are frame-less designs that make possible printing edge to edge, giving an undisturbed look at the pictures.

Hanging photo lamps

Hanging photo lamp

Hanging photo lamp

Having kids at home can risk the life of a product like a lamp. All our photo lamps are made out of acrylic, which makes them very less prone to damage. But with so many memories attached, you want your photo lamp to be safe. Hanging personalized lamps are the perfect solution to this problem. In a modern interior, there are electric points given for pendant lights or chandeliers. Even any of the ceiling lights can also make way for a customized lamp. Hanging personalized lights come with a 1.5-meter long transparent accessory and a fixing arrangement. It simply needs to be screwed upon the ceiling. It is as easy as fixing any other decorative light. The prints have been laminated, and they are easily cleanable with wet wipes.

The best thing about a hanging photo lamp is that it occupies no space at all!

It simply hangs on the ceiling, and like any other photo frame, remains in the attention all the time.

Photo frame light

LED Photo Frame

LED Photo Frame

From a traditional PVC border wooden photo frame to a stunning led photo frame, these picture frames work like magic. If you are not a fan of lamps and still wish to live the beauty of radiating memories, the photo frames with light are for you. Like hanging lamps, these lightweight frames occupy no space at all. They are as sleek as 0.5 inches in depth. These light photo frames can be hung on any wall nail or be kept as a tabletop. From a small 8 x 6 inches, photo frame light units are available till as big as 4 x 3 feet. We also take custom size orders. Contact us to get a free quote.

Mirage: 3D Photo Lamp

One particular type of photo frame light is Mirage. This is a 3D feel product. It gives an illusion as if the people in the picture are present there. This is achieved through background masking, wherein the light only radiates from the photo area.

Couple Photo frames with light           

On some occasions, you do not have a lot of pictures for the recipient of the gift. For example, you wish to give a photo lamp as a wedding gift for the new couple. You only have one picture and want it to be unique. Mr & Mrs. Frame & Love Photo Frame are two such designs. They have wooden cutout fonts on the top, one picture with light, and the name below.

Special designs for special relations

While we have several designer photo lamps, there are some special relations for whom; you wish the gift to be extra special. These relations ask for the gift to convey a message. For example, the sentiment value for a gift for mom, or gift for dad at times is high. For such relations, some unique egg-based photo lamps are good gifts. An egg with light inside imitates the kid who is there in all of us. Combining it with a touching quote and matching environment, we have some creative photo lamps.

Creative photo lamp

Creative photo lamp

These are designs that are intended to salute the recipient for their selfless devotion towards you.

Why buy photo lamps online from Zoci Voci?

Having conceptualized the idea of the very first photo lamp years ago, we have a lot of experience working in this domain. Having developed the product from scratch, we know it in and out. Materials, light, motors, speakers, amplifiers, circuits, print quality, lamination process, safe packaging, and many more – there are a lot of elements involved in making one personalized lamp. We have faced all kinds of problems in selling customized lamps online and have bettered our product quality at every step. What you receive is a refined output of all these years.

Plus, you get to choose from the widest range of designs in the world. With over 80 designs in photo lamps alone, Zoci Voci is the market leader in this product range. If you wish to have a look at the customer experiences we have delivered, check our Google reviews here.

How to choose a photo lamp?

So many designs also bring in so many questions. We understand that. Here is a list of frequently asked questions on personalized lamps and answers to them. If you are still confused between picking the apt design for you, here is a guide that helps you decide on the big question, “Which is the best photo lamp for me?”

If you wish to keep receiving updates on our new designs, follow us on Instagram.

Need an expert to find the perfect gift for you? Use our personalized gift consultation tool! Answer six questions about the recipient and get a free consult on the best present.

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