Photo Lamp – Cubelit Mini

Cubelit mini photo lamp

Photo Lamp – Cubelit Mini


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4″ x 4″ x 4″

Bottom Glow

5 Photos

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Want to gift something unique, but which fits into your budget? Go for Cube lamps, a cute personalized lamp of 4″ each side which radiates 5 of your best memories. With a beautiful bottom glow, it’s a gift that the receiver will treasure for a long time.

Are you invited to your colleague’s farewell party? Or an unexpected invitation to your boss’s birthday? If you are looking for a perfect office gift for your colleagues, your search ends here!

Cube lamps are perfectly designed gifts for any occasion from official to unofficial ones.

A cube has a certain mathematical significance. A cube in geometry represents stability, permanence, and geometric perfection. And since maths says it’s perfect, it sure would be a perfect gift as well.

With so many options of simple cube-like photo grids available now, Cubelit is not just any cube with photos on it. It is rather a cube lamp. We can customize with photos of your liking, and it radiates all of your best memories with a charm. You can put up images of your family, friends, colleagues, random movie actors, or any abstract image of your choice!

Technical details:

Cubelit mini is a personalizable lamp of 4 inches on each side, and it illuminates 5 of your most treasured and best memories. It accommodates 4 photos on each side of the cube and 1 on the top of the cube. The stand has a soft glow, giving it a very beautiful floating effect.

It is an easy plus-and-play lamp that the receiver will cherish for the longest time. It is easily portable for its compact size and sturdy exterior, so you can take it anywhere and just enjoy your favorite memories with your loved ones.

  • Designed to accommodate 5 photos of your choice!
  • Best gift for any occasion, formal or informal
  • Measures 4 inches in each side
  • Ideally used as a tabletop lamp
  • Sturdy acrylic body with guaranteed laminated printing

In other words, one can think Nostalgia Circlet as the perfect personalized gift for a birthday or an anniversary.

For the latest designs in photo lamps, follow our Instagram and youtube page.

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Table Top




Acrylic, Laminated printing



4 reviews for Photo Lamp – Cubelit Mini

    May 14, 2020
    Got this as an amazing gift for my son. He was very happy so see this. Great job guys?
    July 17, 2019
    Its perfect
    Rashmi Sahu
    April 9, 2019
    Thank you for making my pictures more beautiful and placing it in a useful gift for my love .......he loves my surprise.......thanks for making that moment sooooo special......its really very nice......idea for giving someone special and useful gift...???❣
    May 8, 2017
    Its making a “picture perfect” gift….. Very Nice…

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