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The lock down period in India ends on 3rd May 2020. The first occasion which will come after this quarantine period is the Mothers day. Celebration of life’s creator will mark the end of a period which taught us value of life. COVID-19, a virus which is smaller than the hundredth fragment of a water droplet has made us learn the biggest lesson ever. A lesson to be thankful to what one has, a lesson to celebrate smallest achievements: basically a lesson to celebrate every moment. And what would be a better way to end this dreadful period with bringing a smile to the life giver. You may have forgotten it last year or the year before. This 10th May, make your old lady smile with love filled mothers day gifts.

Choice of gifts for Aai

Selecting a present for mommy is difficult. What can you give to a person, who has given you so much? She would also be blushing with joy if you just make her a tea and say “Happy Mother’s Day!” Moms are such. While our birth, she has somehow managed to magically link her smile with ours. Since that day, she would always be happy just to see us at peace. On the first thought, she would even scold you for taking so much effort. She is too humble to accept it, let alone expecting it. Moms are so special. And so should be the gift for mom!

Why a customized gift for mom?

Well, you could give her a utility gift. A purse, watch or any of those kitchen wares she had been wishing to buy. But that is a thing she would buy any way. It is her daily necessity. A gift has to convey what you feel for your mom. It has to be something special. A thing which she treasures for a life time; something unique! A personalized gift could be that present which can be the canvas to paint your love for mom.

Photo cups as Mothers day gifts!

So once you have decided to give a customized gift, what could it be? It has to be something which is unique but also has some utility value. Otherwise, it could easily sit into a showcase and come out for dusting only on Diwali. Customized printed mugs are a great gift for any occasion. Especially for those adults whose day begins with a hot drink. It would be a which mom would look at the start of her day. It would remind her of your love every single day. Select one of the creative designs we have or tell us your own idea, and we will print a mug special just for your mom.

Mother’s Nest – A super creative gift for Maa!

2020 is a year of valuing life. On this thought, won’t it be a good idea to thank mom for the life she gave? Mother’s nest personalized lamp is a nest themed lamp which has an egg which emits light and reads “The world began from you, Maa”. It would be a present which your Janani would have never anticipated. This Mother’s day gift would sit on her side table for a long time radiating your love to her sleep.

Photo caricatures as Mothers day gifts

If you wish to go fancy and give a creative gift which exactly shows what you feel for her, buy a personalized caricature for Mother’s day gift. There are two meaningful designs. One shows you’re longing for her even being away. While the other celebrates her Indian mommy super powers.

Just like God, a mother gets called by several names – Maa, Aai, Mommy, Mumma, Tai or many more. But unlike God, if you ever needed anything, she has given it even before you ask.

This Mother’s day, celebrate her benevolence. Make her smile! 🙂

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