The Incredible Mom – Personalized Caricature Frame

Mother's day caricature photo frame

The Incredible Mom – Personalized Caricature Frame


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Personalized caricature art that celebrates the Incredible skills of Motherhood!

Black pvc photo frame with wooden back board and laminated print  and pvc stand

Please upload a front facing photo of your Mom! Artist will draw a caricature face based on your picture

Only the face gets personalized, clothing and background remains the same.

‘Mom’ can be personalized to the name you call your name with.

Personalization: Send photos to [email protected] along with order number.

Delivery :
Metro cities - 2 working days
Non metro - whatsapp 96246 22160 for confirmation.

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Mom is our one stop solution since we were born. We have been dependent on her for everything. And she has never disappointed us on that. She has solution for all our problems. May it be our math problem, or fight with a friend or confusion in love life. She has been our support in everything. Apart from all this, she takes care of the house, cleaning and mopping, washing clothes, cooking delicious food, taking care of kids and in today’s world, also working and earning equality in society. This caricature art is for the biggest multitasker of the world – Mom! Let her know on this mother’s day that she is no less than a super hero. She is true hero for such incredible work balance skills, with this personalized caricature photo frame.

The mothers day caricature art is created with the image of a lady in Indian sari, performing multiple tasks like feeding the kid, washing, cleaning, cooking and working on laptop. one front face photo of your mom will be required. The face of your mother will be placed neatly in this caricature. In a black PVC frame, the caricature art is printed and fixed.

Overall, this mother’s day caricature photo frame is an excellent admiration to our moms who has been working so hard all life to keep our lives going. This caricature photo frame is a perfect mother’s day gift for new moms or mom to be. Similarly, it is wonderful gift for a mother of 20 years old as well.


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