The face of your home, your  name plate tells a lot about you. Now from the comfort of your home, select that perfect name plate for you.

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Acrylic name plates

Aashiyana – Ganesha Name plate for home


Colorful Krishna Name Plate with light


Green Shelter – Glowing Name Plate

 3,999.00 9,000.00

Hare Krishna name plate


Humble Nest Name Plate

 2,000.00 9,000.00

Infinity Radiance – Round LED Name Plate

 2,999.00 9,999.00

Krishna Golden Name Plate With Light

 2,500.00 9,000.00

LED Name plate – 4 x 12


Rings of Gold – A Sassy Name Plate for Door

 999.00 3,999.00

Wooden name plates

Metal name plates

Stylish name plates

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Designer name plate for home

It is the first thing a visitor looks at while coming to your place. It is the very first impression on your guest. So it must not just be impressive, but should also tell a small story.

It would be a story that you would like anyone coming in to read. It would be a story which would give a smile to anyone passing by. For example, one of our customers got the following written below their name – “Come as friends, Leave as Family”. This creative quote for a name plate tells a lot about the host’s nature. It would instantly make the person coming in feel invited.

Bringing to you a range of exquisite designer name plates made in acrylic, wood and metal. Now, you can sit in the comfort of your home/office and select a describes your identity the best. After all, this is what a designer name plate is all about.

Acrylic name plates

Name plate is a product that you do not change often. Hence the material and build quality of a door name plate should be rugged. Acrylic gives your name board the shine of glass while being strong. This makes it a great choice for house name plates. It is a material that is used in outdoor signage. Being weatherproof, outdoor application for an acrylic name plate is feasible.

They give you the best quality of designs for a long time. It is waterproof, easy to clean, and perfectly fit material for an available designer name plate.

We at Zoci Voci, give you not only the best quality acrylic name plates but also an aesthetic one. We have a range of LED acrylic name plates that will light up your front door. LED Name plates don’t only serve the purpose of aesthetic superiority, but also adds a spiritual value. Light is synonymous with positivity, so who doesn’t want to light up their home sweet home?

Wooden name plates

Nothing is as classic and timeless as wood. A wooden engraved name plate adds an absolute royalty to your door. Engraving into raw woods have conventionally defined name plates for many households. May it be flats, bungalows or apartments,  the raw feel of wood with engraving atop, makes them look naturally appealing.

But raw blocks being thick, they can not be laser cut at a good cost. For that, MDF – a processed form of wood can be used. Such a laser-cut wooden name plate combined with acrylic letters gives a lot of liberty to design. There are many shapes and geometries possible with vinyl layers used for giving the same natural feel. Such wooden name plates that are laser cut with acrylic letters on it gives out the perfect type of conventional creativity.

Stainless steel name plates

If metal entices you, give your abode a rugged look. While our engraved steel name plates offer some unique design elements, our LED steel-cut name plates bring the best of both worlds – the beauty of backlit and the strong impact steel flaunts. Steel name plate for home has been in trend for ages. But the contrast between engraved metal and the silvery shine is perennially beautiful.

But if you are comparing wood, acrylic, or stainless steel name plates, it will be a good idea to go through this article. Name plates materials – which are better and why?

Stylish Name Plates

Do you want to go different from the conventional name plates? Do you want to show your visitors the maximum creativity that your home radiates? Zoci Voci has a perfect range of designer name plates for you.

These stylish name plates show the out of the box creativity that you have. You have a beautiful range of name plates like the backlit monogram and also radium name plates.

Metal Name Plates

A metal name plate gives your door a more captivating look. Zoci Voci offers a range of metal name plates with beautiful designs and fonts engraved and will surely make your front door look extravagant.

LED name plates

Light by its nature attracts the eye. The aesthetic of any graphic gets enhanced when there is a light coming from within. Naturally a name plate with light would look better than a regular non-lit design. Hence the first reason to buy would be aesthetic superiority.

But that would not be it. Light not just looks good to the eye, but it also adds a spiritual value to the signboard. At night, the light radiating of your name plate would give that soft fall off which may be required on the dark street. Also with purity and goodness being synonymous with it, light overall adds a positive impact to the home décor. You can check out this video to get an idea about the beautiful impact a LED name plate can have.

If LED name plates intrigue you, and you wish to know more about them, here is an article which covers everything you need to know before buying led name plates

Water-proof name plates

While designing any product, its longevity has always been our prime focus. Hence majorly all our signboard designs are weatherproof. Even the ones with light inside have been made with acrylic which is a completely waterproof body.

Name plates according to Vastu Shastra

Our Indian tradition believes every element to have a significance. If you wish to know the age-old science before picking a name plate according to the direction of your door, here is a good read which throws light on name plates according to Vastu Shastra

Sign boards in Ahmedabad – The local advantage

Zoci Voci delivers customized gifts across India. And name plates are no exception. One can get safe home deliveries even for sizes as big as 2 feet x 1.5 feet. We have done that for customers. But for this city, the local advantage comes into play. One can get big sign boards and name plates done here, with personally visiting our store and checking out our designs. Hence if you are looking to buy personalized gifts in Ahmedabad, big sized name plates are also a good idea.

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The name plate tells a lot about your home. It’s more of a face of your home. Choose the perfect name plate designs for your home from ZociVoci. Get a range of designer name plates in different styles like acrylic, wooden, and metal.

You can personalise your designer name plate design with your little quotes, designs, and fonts that will make an excellent first impression on your guests.

To know more about designer name plate, check out our name plates buyer’s guide here. For checking our recent customer name plate photos, click here.

Zoci Voci allows you to sit back in the comfort of your home and let you customize your house name plate in the best way, according to your choice and preference. You can select any name plate from our extensive assortments of beautiful name plates, which best describes your identity. After all, that is the true identity of a name plate.