acrylic name plateacrylic name plate

Edge-lit Planets of Gold – Arcylic name plate

acrylic name plate

Edge-lit Planets of Gold – Arcylic name plate


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  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size – 7″ X 16″
  • Weatherproof
  • Sleek fonts strongly putting out the names below.
  • Beautiful golden hue throughout the surface behind.
  • Visualization of a galaxy, where every planet is of gold.
  • Unique edge-lit design – Light only leaks from the periphery of letters.

Personalization: Once ordered, send names and content to be put on name plate on [email protected] Mention order number.

Metro cities - 2 working days
Non metro - whatsapp 96246 22160 for confirmation.

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Every home tells something about the personality of people who live in. Give your home a personality of your own, with this customized name plate. Visualization of a galaxy, where every planet is of gold is expressed through this LED name plate.

In traditional tests of Indian Mythology, Gold represents the most important. It represents divinity, and thus, in turn, attracts divine energies towards it.

Another auspicious element of Hindu mythology is the importance of planets. Every nine planets have certain auspicious importance to them, and these celestial bodies are considered as gods.

Gold is the perfect symbol to represent the incorruptible and resilient soul. And we consider planets to be the elements that decide the course of your life. Considering both of these elements, we at Zoci Voci have made the perfect auspicious yet aesthetic nameplate for you.

Unlike the conventional backlit names, Planets of Gold uses light in a new form. Edge-lit as many would say, this name board radiates light only from the boundaries. The front is dark, but the rich periphery of golden light makes every letter stand out. Planets of Gold conceptually suggests human equality, where though small or big, each circle has its own inner radiance. The fonts used are though sleek, they put the names out strongly.

This led designer name plate looks magnificent because of a light golden hue that spreads throughout the background. In the day, it looks black and white, but when on converts into a mesmerizing view of the galaxy. The design uses two layers of acrylic cutting to achieve this edge-lit impact. We cut out fonts in acrylic, which gives them 3 mm depth from the base acrylic sheet behind. We use Black vinyl as the third layer to mask the light from the front.

You can customize the design with 2 names. You can also have names written in any given language. For instance -Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, or any other regional language. For quality assurance, we send you to preview for proofreading any errors, or changes that you wish to add!

To know more about the things you need to know before buying a name plate with light, check here.

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