Pehchan – Personalized name plate with light


  • Stylish name plate with light.
  • Personalized with name and house number.
  • Comes with an LED adapter. Plug and Play model.
  • Size: 7.75″ h x 5.75″ w x 1″ d.
  • Material: Acrylic with plotted vinyl.
  • Can be customized and printed in any language

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Your name says a lot about you. Your home says a lot about you. And so does your nameplate!

The door to our home is not only the entrance for your family but also the energy. So you have to choose the right nameplate that attracts positivity and harmony. According to Vastu Shastra, a nameplate helps the valuable opportunities and positive energy find a way to your abode.

So, it is always advisable to get an illuminating nameplate like an LED Nameplate. LED lighting is energy efficient. Thus you are saving the planet as well as welcoming some pure positive energy to your front door.

You can read about how name plate is considered important in vastu shastra here.

Light not just looks good to the eye, but it also adds a spiritual value to the signboard. At night, the light radiating by the LED of your name plate would give that soft ambiance. And the fall-off light may be required and useful if the street outside is dark. Also with purity and goodness being synonymous with it, a name plate with light adds a positive impact to the home decor.

You can personalize the acrylic name plate with light with a new couple’s surname and their residence number or any other detail of the home. You can read about all the latest name plate trends here.

Zoci Voci’s Pehchan is the perfect illuminating nameplate for your front door. It is a neatly cut design that comes with a black vinyl finish, which is placed on a translucent acrylic layer that helps to illuminate your name Therefore, this name plate with light is a perfect house warming gift for your friends and family available online. It comes with an LED adapter making it a complete plug and play model.

We can customize the design with 2 names. We can also write the names in any given language. For instance -Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu or any other regional language.

For quality assurance, we send you to preview for proofreading any errors, or changes that you wish to add!

To know more about the things you need to know before buying a name plate with light, check here.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1.5 cm

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