Doctor Caricature Gifts

What is Caricature? A caricature is an exaggerated illustration of a person with a comic effect added to it.

If you wish to give a thoughtful and fun gift, a personalized caricature is a perfect gift for your loved one.

We at Zoci Voci take out all the troubles of getting a personalized art. All you have to do is choose a caricature of your liking and place an order from our wide range. And we will deliver you a framed digital print of that caricature at your doorstep within days.

Zoci Voci offers you the best caricature designs customized for your loved ones. So get your favorite caricature today!

Personalized Caricature – A dream re-lived!

Any personalized gift is a product that is intended to bring joy. It could be a birthday gift or anniversary present, irrespective of the occasion, the basic idea behind a gift is to give a smile.

But why to give only a smile, when a gift can be funny yet invoke beautiful memories or give a reminder of someone’s dreams?  The personalized caricature is one such idea. It exaggerates the features of a photo to the extent that it becomes a cool keepsake. One may not have been able to live all his passions in life. Caricatures are a way to make them live those smallest dreams.

A boy who loves cricket, but didn’t take up that sport professionally because he wanted to pursue engineering more. Give him a caricature art which shows his face in a batsman’s standee. It would be an exaggeration, a situation far from reality. But so are dreams. They don’t know what is possible.

Caricature gifts are a human’s dreams relived into physical art forms. That caricature would remain on his work table and remind him always of the love he had for the game. It would make him smile and that is what a birthday gift is designed for.

Custom made with the recipient pictures, gift your loved one a dream they cherish. It could be the best gift of his/her life.

Personalized Caricature for Mother

Selecting a gift for mom could be a very difficult choice. It is hard to choose a gift that is actually according to her preferences, something that she will like and admire for a long time.

We often find ourselves scratching our heads to get a perfect gift for her. But we all know this one saying “Home is where the heart is”. We all love our mother since our birth and no matter where we go, we always find ourselves at home when we see our mother and get to eat her specially prepared food.

She has brought you to this world as an infant, took care of you as a toddler, and fed you to be the strong individual you are today. In every stage of life, a mother gives so much. So a gift for her should be something that would exemplify her legend.

So, gift this special personalized caricature that Zoci Voci has specifically designed for all the Mothers.

This Caricature art for mom which shows her having multiple hands doing all the chores of the house and still taking care of you could be a great idea. It is a single frame art that would showcase her superhuman skills to the fullest.

Another good gift for mom could be a caricature for mom where you are hiding behind her ‘dupatta’. And it reads – Home is wherever mom is.

Personalized Caricature for Couples

If you want to gift your significant other some cool and fun gift, Zoci Voci has got the most perfect caricature for you. This anniversary, induce life into your partner’s boring work desk.

Our couple’s caricature is a standee, with a cartoon of two people riding a motorcycle. And who would think that motorcycles are not cool? Gift this cool personalized caricature to them and let them know how cool you think they are.

This caricature that is specially customized for couples by Zoci Voci, shows the enduring and friendly bond that the couple has. Or it can even signify that they are in this adventure of life together.

Personalized Caricature for Friends

If you wish to surprise your best friend with a funny gift, Zoci Voci offers you the best-personalized gift. A customizable caricature with an illustration of your friend.

This Caricature for your friends is a perfect way of surprising your friend with a very special gift that celebrates the strong bond between you two. You can gift this caricature for their birthday or on Friendship day!

We have observed that such caricatures are also used by siblings and cousins to gift each other as a memory.

Zoci Voci guarantees you that each one of our Caricatures will be delivered to you with great assurance. Each one of our caricatures and digitally printed and framed for you. And we have even cut-out acrylic caricatures available for you. So the finished product will bring a smile on your face as well as the recipient’s face!

Give this very special and funny gift to your family or friends on their birthdays, anniversary, or any other such happy occasions.

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