Ye Dosti Personalized Frame!

Ye Dosti Personalized Frame!


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  • Perfect Gift to stamp your Jay-Veeru friendship.
  • Upload front facing photos of both friends.
  • Design team will cut the background off and use in the design.
  • 8″ h x 6″ w white PVC frame with laminated print.
  • Self stand and wall hanging facility provided.

Personalization: Send photos to [email protected] along with order number.

Delivery :
Metro cities - 2 working days
Non metro - whatsapp 96246 22160 for confirmation.

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A best friend is the one who has been with you for a long time and knows you to the core. When your bond with a friend is so unmatched, such a friend can is considered as a brother/sister from a different mother. This kind of relations are eternal. They are completely unmatchable with any other. our Bollywood has given few legendary songs dedicated to such friendship. One of the most popular song for friendship is “Ye Dosti, hum nahi todenge”. The sight of Shri Amitabji on a scooter and Shri Dharmendraji in his side car is the best imagination one can have to describe friendship. Stamp your eternal friendship by same song with this creative friend caricature.

This photo frame design requires with 2 photos, one of each friend. Also, with the photos cut out from background, you don’t need a picture of both friends together . The design of the frame is made in monochromatic yellow color and black boarders. The design contain one friend driving a scooter and the other enjoying the ride in the side car. The caricature is printed on glossy laminated photopaper and framed in a white boarder frame. The size is the caricature is  6″ x 8″.

The song and the friend caricature is a simple of that close connection between the two soul. Therefore, you can dedicate this to a friend, your siblings like close friends or even your own soul mate. Altogether, this cool photo frame will not only amuse your friend, but would bring joy to him or her for times to come. Give this to your friend as his birthday gift or friendship day gift.

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