Everyone likes to admire our photo frames. And especially when guests visit our home, they too admire it. For some, the curiosity of our precious moments is exciting. And for others, the connection to nostalgia keeps them intrigued. That is why many people take days and months to choose the right frame that will strike everyone’s hearts. Instead, opt for the best-personalized photo frames online at Zoci Voci.

We at Zoci Voci, allow you to choose the most aesthetic and personalized photo frames online, available in our range, and even personalize it according to your liking!

We have a wide variety of personalized photo frames online available for you, ranging from simple wooden frames to LED photo frames.

A picture frame not only adds a certain aesthetic value to your wall but also adds a touch of color. A perfect picture frame will bring a perfect contrast between the wall and your picture. Zoci Voci avails you with assortments of photo frames from wooden frames to LED frames.

You can choose any type of photo frame from our options, and get easy personalization by the ease of sitting back at your home! We are known for our excellent personalized customer service.

A Happy Marriage Couple lamp for anniversary gift

An anniversary gift that reminds your partner of your wedding day
Celebrating your cute companionship with two handcrafted bride and groom eggs
A personalized gift which is also useful as a night lamp with the eggs having light inside.
Material: Laser cut MDF, plastic handcrafted eggs, Light inside, plotted vinyl and photo paper.
Photo is inserted in a groove, which hence can be changed later.
The light from egg spreads to the picture, giving a beautiful feel at night.
3 W LED used - Low on power consumption. High on smile quotient.
Size: 6" x 8" x 2.5" deep. Comes with a two pin plug wire. Ready to switch on and work. No batteries

Adorable Dad photo frame

Cute expression of your affection to Dad Cutout of "Pyare papa" done in spray painted wood Long life photo print directly done on wood. No layering SKU: ZVF03

Anniversary picture frame

An anniversary gift that will make the date memorable Cutout of "Anniversary" done in spray painted wood Long life photo print directly done on wood. No layering. SKU: ZVF04

Balanced relationship caricature standee

1. Personalized gift couple caricature with two photos 2. Power of a pushup and peace of yoga, showing how the partners complete each other. 3. Wooden base for stable stand on desk. 4. Material is acrylic. Size: 6" x 4".

Best bhabhi photo frame

A crown for one woman who plays all roles - a friend, a parent and a sibling| Hindi cutout gives an added sentiment Photo printed on wood. No layering Size: 5" x 7" - Spray painted wood finish + Sublinmation print SKU: ZVF07

Best brother photo frame

A photo frame for brother that would get him gloating with joy Best brother is cutout in wood and spray painted making it look premium in finish Size: 5" x 7" Photo directly printed on wood. No layering. Hence long life. SKU: ZVF06

Bhai-Cycle Photo Pen stand

• Cute brother sister on a cycle cutout with a pen stand behind • Personalized with one photo on the pen stand frame • Cycle is a tribute to the old brother as a role model • Cartoons depict the kinship between two siblings • Size: 3.75 inch (h) x 8 inch (w) x 2 inch (d) • Material: Sublimation MDF cutout + black acrylic.  

Birthday wishes photo frame

Cutout photo frame in wood for birthday gift Size: 5" x 7" Long life glossy photo print directly done on wood. No layering. SKU:ZVF01

Brother – Definition photo frame

 699.00 1,199.00
• Picture frame that defines the relation of a ‘brother’ • Dictionary meaning along with half face photo • Personalized with one front facing photo. Side/Cross face won’t come out well. • 2 Size options available. Material: PVC frame + wooden back • Photo will be converted to grayscale before printing

Cool bro caricature standee

1. Personalized gift caricature with one photos 2. A perfect gift for your brother or anyone with full of energy lifestyle. 3. Black acylic base for stable stand on desk. 4. Material is acrylic. Size: 8″ x 6″.

Couple Photo Frame with light – Mr & Mrs

» Size: 7″ h x 7″ w x 2″ d » Materials: Wood, Acrylic and Laminated print » Personalized with one image and names » Beautiful cutout of Mr&Mrs in Wood

Ek Hazaro Me – Creative Personalized Gift for Sisters.

  • Age old expression with a personalized touch to it.
  • Laminated high quality print in a white PVC frame.
  • Table top/ Wall Hanging option.
  • 8" h x 6" w.

Engagement gift – Photo moon lamp

  • Engagement ring shaped engraved photo frame
  • With light from below, the picture shines in the frame.
  • Photo can be changed later anytime. Made insert able from top.
  • Curved raw wooden base is handcrafted to perfection
  • Size: 6 x 5 inch + 2 inch of wooden base.

Engraved wooden plaque

Raw wood slice with rustic look Photo is laser engraved on the wood Personalized with 1 photo or names Size : 5.5 - 6 inches The texture of the plaque may vary from piece to piece as this is a natural material Comes with a wooden tripod stand – 6 inches height Perfect anniversary gift or a memorable birthday gift

Family photo frame for personalized gift

Wooden cutout frame for a cherished family picture Photo printed directly on wood . No layering. Hence long life print Size: 5" x 7" Material: Spray painted wood and sublimation print SKU: ZVF08

Family photo frame wall clock

  • Material: High torque big wall clock machine, PVC wooden back photo frames and laminated prints. No glass.
  • All photo frames will come with hanging hook behind, which can be hung on a screw. Double side tape will also be given on each frame.
  • Clock hands: 15" long minutes and 10" long hours. No seconds hand.
  • Size manual to fix it will also be included in the package.
  • Makes for an amazing personalized gift and home decor idea
  • SKU: ZV072

Glory of Ganesha Frame

Colorful painting of ganesha in a matt laminated print. PVC black frame. Size: 11 x 9 inch

Heart full collage photo frame

  • Heart shaped collage photo frame with 27 pictures
  • Personalized with two names and date
  • Red rosary background and a pure black frame
  • Size: 11 x 9 inch. PVC frame and laminated prints.

Hexagon photo frame with light

1 ft dia. Hexagon 1 Photo SKU: ZV019

Home is wherever Mom is – Personalized Caricature Frame

Cute caricature frame - Personalized with your Mom's photo.
  • 8 x 6 inches
  • Black pvc photo frame with wooden back board and laminated print and pvc stand
  • Please upload a front facing photo of your Mom! Artist will draw a caricature face based on it.
  • Only the face changes, clothing and background remains the same.
  • SKU: ZV037

Insert able photo calendar with reminders

  • First of its kind photo calendar with option to set reminders
  • Insert able photo from the top. Photo can be changed any time in future
  • Evergreen photo calendar with sliding date panels. No end of life
  • Red, blue and white placeholders given to mark reminders for meetings, birthdays and flights
  • Size: 10 x 5.5 inch with a 2 inch deep base. Material: MDF and acrylic.
  • Glossy print with live, love laugh as an life message atop.

IT Personalized caricature standee

A personalized caricature standee for IT professionals. With customized hair and toon face. Personalized with caption on the base below
Material: Sublimation MDF & Black acrylic
Size: 6 inch height x 4 inch width x 1.5 inch depth

LED Balloons Lamp for Birthday Gift

Birthday Gift - Name of the Person etched with beautiful hearts Customized with 1 names and a special date balloons shaped and names engraved on acrylic Beautiful curved solid wood base with light from inside Personalized Gift for Birthday Calibration Size: 8″ x 6″ x 2″ including base Send your name and date to [email protected] with order number  

LED Heart lamp with names

 999.00 1,299.00
  • Name of the couple etched with beautiful hearts.
  • Customized with 2 names and a special date.
  • Heart shaped balloons and names engraved on acrylic.
  • Beautiful curved solid wood base with light from inside.
  • Personalized gift for wedding anniversary.
  • Size: 8″ x 6″ x 2″ including base.
  • Once order is placed, write the names and date here.

LED Photo frame

 999.00 6,000.00
Photo frame with light Print can be self changed easily by opening back panel Personalized gift for some one special Great product display idea for restaurants, cafe and corporate signage Material: Acrylic + PVC Frame + Wooden back Adapter is included in the package SKU: ZV020

Line Art Photo Frame – Anniversary/Birthday Gift for Wife/Husband

 600.00 1,500.00
•Anniversary gift for wife – Line art photo frame •Digital art created manually with your photograph. Handcrafted in a wooden textured frame. •Personalized with two names and one date – Best gift for wife/husband. •Minimalistic design - No colors. Just a soft sun behind.

Love Photo Frame with light

Size: 8.75" h x 7" w x 2" d Materials: Wood, Acrylic and Laminated print Personalized with one image and names Beautiful cutout of Love in wood The light radiating through the couple photo frame makes this a useful as well as memorable product.

Maa – My world LED Photo Frame

  • Creative photo frame for mom which depicts her importance in your life
  • Personalized gift with one photo designed inside the outline of earth
  • Hindi “Maa” and a graphic enhancing the emotional quotient
  • Size: 6 x 8 inch, Material: Black acrylic and laminated print
  • LED photo frame for mom – Unique Mother’s day gift

Memorabillia mosaic photo frame – 30 photos

 999.00 2,499.00
Mosaic photo frame with 20-30 photos
Photo art of all memories lingering on and around main picture
Creative design makes the other photos look emerging out of the main photo.
Material: Laminated paper print, wooden back and PVC Frame Mosaic frame as a perfect way to preserve all your precious memories together as it brings delight to your walls with happiness all together.

Memory-lit Personalized LED frame

Personalized with 1 photo Photo is removable and can be changed yourself later A perfect gift for birthday or anniversary Size :6" x 6"  +  1.5" height base The frame is acrylic Beautiful curved solid wood base with light from inside      

Mirage – 3D Personalized photo lamp

  • A sleek cutout 3d photo lamp, that radiates one of your best memories.
  • Size: 7.75" h x 5.75"w x 1" d
  • Material: Acrylic + Laminated Adhesive based printing + black vinyl cut.
  • The picture is made out of laminated printing, thus making it scratch-free photo lamp
  • With its 3D real life feel, it is a unique personalized gift idea for anniversary, birthday and wedding.

Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Frame!

  • Sublimation Glass Finish Metal sheet
  • Solid Wooden Base
  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Table Top or Wall Hanging
  • Easy Removable Metal Stand
  • Scratch Proof & Unbreackable
  • Print Size (In Inches)= A4

My Heart Pops For You 3D Photo Frame!

  • Sublimation HD Hard Board on Solid Wooden Base
  • Laser Cut 3D Heart Effect
  • Only Portrait & Wall Hanging
  • Scratch Proof & Unbreakable
  • Print Size (In Inches)= 8 x 11

Nicest Person – Photo Frame

 699.00 999.00
• A photo frame that teases the brother • Personalized with one picture • Colorful clipart and background enhances the design • 2 Size available: 6x8 and 9x11 inch, PVC frame + wooden back

Oil Paint Photo Art

  • Photo to art - Regular picture converted into a painting.
  • Designed digitally and printed on satin silk paper.
  •  Please send a front facing high resolution picture.

Partners in crime – Gift for Brother/Sister

  • Fun photo frame for fun relationships
  • Cutout in MDF wooden 5 mm sheet
  • LED light inside, comes with adapter
  • Takes three photos
  • Personalized and unique gift for brother/sister
  • SKU - ZV070

Partners In Crime Wall frame – Personalized brother sister gift

Childhood memories with your best buddy 3 fun photos to celebrate the brother and sister relationship Personalized and unique rakhi gift for brother/sister Size :  5.5″ height and 12″ wide Black acrylic base with a cutout of "Partners in crime" on top 3 photos are digitally printed with bright colors on Glossy MDF blocks Best gift to preserve the old and gold memories with your partner  

Personalized Engraved Wooden Photo Frame

  • Laser Engravable Beech Wood with Photo Print
  • Table Top Or Wall Hanging
  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Photo can be change in future
  • Photo Print Size (in Inches)= 8 x 10
  • Frame Size (in Inches)= 10.5 x 12.5
  • Emojis and caricatures will be added by designers.

Personalized evergreen calendar

Evergreen calendar which can be used for any year Creative way to remember a special date with a picture of that occasion below Unique anniversary gift with the date feature Personalized with 1 picture Long life photo print directly done on wood. No layering. SKU:ZVF05

Personalized Gift – Kite Photo Lamp

  • Unique kite geometry photo frame
  • Comes with tree shaped MDF stand
  • Converts into a radiating photo lamp when switched on.
  • Material: Acrylic. Frame Size: 5.5" h x 5.5" w x 1" d.

Personalized LED Frame – A3

Wall Frame 12" h x 18" w 1 Photo SKU: ZV021

Pyari Maa photo frame

A gift for some one who gave us the gift of life Cutout of "Pyari Maa" done in spray painted wood Long life photo print directly done on wood. No layering. SKU: ZVF02

Sibling Love Wooden Photo Frame

• Pine wooden plaque – 4 inch (h) x 6 inch (w) x 0.5 inch (d) for background • Embossed cutout of a brother and sister on a swing. Glossy print on MDF wood. • Personalized with one photo on side on sublimation MDF. • Engraved message of “Love you” below the picture completes the design

Sister – Definition photo frame

 699.00 1,199.00
• A photo frame that celebrates the beautiful person we call ‘sister’ • Dictionary definition design along with half face photo • Front facing picture needed. Side/Cross face picture wont come well • Photo will be turned in to grayscale before printing • Size: 17 inch (h) x 10 inch (w) x 0.5 inch (d). Material: PVC Frame and wooden back

Sister love photo frame

Personalized gift for a destiny friend - Your sister Personalized with 1 photo Wooden cutout frame with spray paint finish Size: 5" x 7" SKU:ZVF09

Soul Splits- Brother & Sister Photo frame

 1,299.00 1,999.00
• Set of two personalized frames. Material: PVC black frames + Wood back+ Laminated Matt prints • Send two front facing photos. Side/cross face pictures won’t look good. • Only half of face will be put in the frame. • Definition of brother & sister gives meaning to the relation • Symbolic representation of the sibling love is done here in form of wall décor

Stupid Love Photo Frame

Material - PVC frame with wooden back Size : 12" X 12" Made up with 9 wooden blocks each of 3" X 3" With 8 blocks being customized with photos and the center block tells "Love is being Stupid Together" Valentine’s Day or Anniversary gift to celebrates those small but precious moments together.

Swing Partners Personalized Frame

 699.00 999.00
• A photo frame which symbolizes childhood • Personalized with two names • 2 Size available: 6x8 inches and 9x11 inches, PVC frame + wooden back • Poetic quotes expressing the beautiful relationship of brother & sister

The Incredible Mom – Personalized Caricature Frame

Personalized caricature art that celebrates the Incredible skills of Motherhood! Black pvc photo frame with wooden back board and laminated print  and pvc stand Please upload a front facing photo of your Mom! Artist will draw a caricature face based on your picture Only the face gets personalized, clothing and background remains the same. 'Mom' can be personalized to the name you call your name with.

Timeless Love Personalized Frame

Material – PVC frame with wooden back Size : 12″ X 12″ Personalized with names and date A list of numeral count of the long time you have spent together listed in one frame Present this and say “In every second of us being together, I have loved you!”

Together Forever – LED Photo Frame

Size: 8" w x 11" h Material: Acrylic and translit print Comes with installed adapted. Ready to plug and play Together Forever is cut out. Light radiates out of it.

Trip to life – Collage photo frame


• Take a short trip to your life with a single look • Collage photo frame with 41 pictures. • Center image grey scaled and other 40 arranged neatly in parallel grids. • Size: 12 x 12 inch. Material: PVC frame + Matt laminated print. No glass. • Great anniversary gift for married couples, taking a trip down the memory lane.

Ultimate Wedding Pose Photo Frame

  • Cool Gift for the new couple.
  • Personalized with two photos.
  • Our team with cut off the photos' background and use in the design.
  • White PVC frame with laminated Print.
  • Self stand and wall hanging facility provided.

Valentine Forever– Romantic Table Top Photo Gift

Natural wooden plaque Size : 4" x 6" Personalized with 1 photo representing your Love Digital glossy print to bring the same smile to your face as in the photo Cutout of a cute couple on one side with colorful print to express your emotions of Love A cute Message of Love engraved on wood below the photo  

Wedding Gift Personalized Frame

  • Personalize any Photo & Text
  • Sublimation Glass Fininsh Metal sheet
  • Solid Wooden Base
  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Table Top or Wall Hanging
  • Easy Removable Metal Stand
  • Scratch Proof & Unbreackable
  • Print Size (In Inches)= 9x6

Wood Engraved Personalized Photo Frame

  • Laser Engravable Beech Wood
  • With Photo Print & Glass
  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Photo can be change in future
  • Photo Print Size (in Inches)= 4 x 6
  • Frame Size (in Inches)= 7 x 9

Ye Dosti Personalized Frame!

  • Perfect Gift to stamp your Jay-Veeru friendship.
  • Upload front facing photos of both friends.
  • Design team will cut the background off and use in the design.
  • 8" h x 6" w white PVC frame with laminated print.
  • Self stand and wall hanging facility provided.

Personalized photo frames online

Photo Frames have been used as a gifting item for a long time. Along the way, the trend has shifted towards photo frames which are innovative, and invoke happy memories for the recipient. That is why we gift photo frames as a car accessory, as a desk item, or a bed-side item.

Photo frames have now got different variations in the form of personalized caricatures, photo lamps, LED photo frames, among others. And we at Zoci Voci, have kept up with this trend to ensure that we provide all these products and ensure that you get all personalized photo frames online.

Personalized Wooden Photo Frames

Many people have a special liking towards wooden photo frames. Some people like it for its classic look. And others like it for its sense of durability.

Wooden frames are defined as the “best gift”. People like to give wooden photo frames for their natural element. While some people think of it as a universal gift. No one ever gets disappointed looking at a classic wooden photo frame. This is a gift for everyone.

Add a neutral and elegant look to your walls with our Wooden Photo Frames.

Personalized Typography Photo Frames

Everyone loves graphics. And everyone loves to get personalized gifts. A personalized photo frame is a perfect gift for your loved one, you preserve the love for each other with your best-shared memories. Capture your enduring love for your family or friend, and gift it with the best typographic frames available here.

Zoci Voci has a personalized photo frame for each recipient be it your mother, father, brother, sister, or anyone.

Personalized LED Photo Frames

Photo frames are one of the essential items when it comes to “interior decorating”. The term interior decorating means that creating an ambiance that will please the guests that visit your home.

You would want to welcome your guests in a home that is filled with warmth and aesthetics. So which will be the best option for creating such an ambiance? LED Photo Frames!

If LED Photo frames intrigue you, you can choose a personalized LED photo frame or any elegant LED frame here.

Personalized Photo Lamps

What are the photo lamps? Zoci Voci has combined the elegance of a photo frame with the ambiance that a lamp provides, to give you the best-personalized gift. You get the choice of personalizing a lamp with a picture of your choice!

When you give a “personalized photo lamp”, you gift its uniqueness, beauty, and utility to the recipient.

So gift this unique to your loved one!

Personalized Caricatures

Do you wish to give a fun gift to your loved one? A portrait sounds like a very personal and enduring gift for your family or friends. And if you wish to add a more fun element, a Caricature is the perfect gift for you.

A caricature is a better and more comic portrait of a person.

Caricatures carry a message with exaggerated drawings, and we at Zoci Voci have made a range of Caricatures available for you to personalize.

Gift these personalized Caricatures to your family or friends!

For getting regular updates on our new products, follow our Instagram page and our youtube channel.

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