Together Forever – LED Photo Frame

Together Forever light photo frame

Together Forever – LED Photo Frame


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Size: 8″ w x 11″ h
Material: Acrylic and translit print
Comes with installed adapted. Ready to plug and play
Together Forever is cut out. Light radiates out of it.

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Metro cities - 2 working days
Non metro - whatsapp 96246 22160 for confirmation.

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Some bonds of love a so special that they are eternal and are bound to last forever. They are bound to remain Together Forever. When such love is something that would end never, it is imperative to celebrate this eternal bond with a unique gift. Declare your affection for life with this beautiful LED light photo frame which says Together Forever.

The LED light photo frame is 8″ wide and 11″ in height and can hold a vertical photo of a couple or a family. The frame is made up in black acrylic. Acrylic has outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. Hence, the durability of the product is very high. Certified LED lights are used for long lasting effect. The Caption “Together Forever” is cutout in the frame below the photo window using laser technology. The light passes through the photo and the letter cutout making the letters glow along with the photo. This gives a very divine feel to the frame. The photo is printed on translit paper and placed in the frame. Therefore, the photo is easily replaceable with any other photo in future.

Together forever being a symbol of love can be dedicated to anyone. The photo frame can be a gift to a newly wed couple who is about to start new life together or an old couple celebrating 25th anniversary of their love. The frame can also represent the bond between siblings or best friends. A family photo can be a most perfect for this tag line. Altogether, this LED photo frame is the best gift for any strong bonding relationship.

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Dimensions 24 × 21 × 8 cm


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