Home is wherever Mom is – Personalized Caricature Frame

Personalized Mom Caricature picture frame

Home is wherever Mom is – Personalized Caricature Frame


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Cute caricature frame – Personalized with your Mom’s photo.

  • 8 x 6 inches
  • Black pvc photo frame with wooden back board and laminated print and pvc stand
  • Please upload a front facing photo of your Mom! Artist will draw a caricature face based on it.
  • Only the face changes, clothing and background remains the same.
  • SKU: ZV037

Personalization: Send photos to [email protected] along with order number.

Delivery :
Metro cities - 2 working days
Non metro - whatsapp 96246 22160 for confirmation.

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For the first time when a child opens his eyes, the first face he see is his mom. And than that face becomes your habit. Her lap becomes his first home. He wants to eat, sleep and play only in her lap. As he grows up, he would roam around in the whole house just to get under her shadow, her “aachal”. Remind your mom of the old days when you used to follow her every where. Express her that the emotion is still the same with this personalized caricature frame. This unique caricature picture frame for mom, is a cute reminder of your affection to the first lady of your life.

The mothers day caricature art is created with the image of a lady in Indian attire, and a small kid hiding under her dupatta. Hence, fitting the tagline “Home is where Mom is” perfectly. One front face photo of your mom will be required. The face of your mother will be placed neatly in this caricature. In a white PVC frame, the caricature art is printed and fixed.

Overall, this personalized caricature picture frame is an excellent momento for your mom. This frame will tell her that she is your whole world. This personalized gift will tell her how important it is for you that she be around you to make you feel safe. Gift this to your mom on this mother’s day or on the birthday and bring that cute smile on her face.

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 cm


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