Engraved Couple Lamps

A gift of shining memories for your Valentine.


Engagement gift – Photo moon lamp

  • Engagement ring shaped engraved photo frame
  • With light from below, the picture shines in the frame.
  • Photo can be changed later anytime. Made insert able from top.
  • Curved raw wooden base is handcrafted to perfection
  • Size: 6 x 5 inch + 2 inch of wooden base.

Lotus light photo frame

  • Beautiful lotus shaped frame with a photo inside
  • Photo art is engraved into this light photo frame
  • Curved wooden base with seamless edge finish
  • Size: 6 x 6 inch with 2 inch wooden base.

Cosmic Love Moon Light

  • Crescent moon light with a couple atop, relived in a lamp
  • Personalized gift with two names and your special date
  • Relive this dreamy scene on this cute bed side lamp
  • Size: 6 inch circle + 2 inch height wooden base

Anniversary Gift for Wife/Husband – LED Heart Lamp with Rose

  • Name of the Couple etched with beautiful hearts
  • Customized with 2 names and a special date
  • Heart and Rose shaped and names engraved on acrylic
  • Beautiful curved solid wood base with light from inside
  • Best Personalized Gift for wedding anniversary
  • Size: 8″ x 6″ x 2″ including base
  • Send your names and date to [email protected] with order number

LED Heart Lamp with personalized Name and Photos Perfect Gift for Anniversary

  • Anniversary Gift - Name of the couple etched with beautiful hearts.
  • Customized with 2 names and 2 Photo.
  • Heart shaped and names engraved on acrylic.
  • Beautiful curved solid wood base with light from inside.
  • Personalized gift for wedding anniversary.
  • Size: 8″ x 6″ x 2″ including base.
  • Send your names and Photo to [email protected] with order number

Line Art Photo Lamp – Valentine’s day gift

  • A memory etched into an illuminating line art.
  • Digitally drawn outline photo sketch art, engraved on acrylic.
  • Beautiful curved solid wood base with light from inside.
  • Personalized gift for Valentine's Day.
  • Size: 8" x 6" x 2" including base.

Nostalgia – Rotating photo lamps

Valentine’s day gift of radiating memories

Anniversary Gift – Red Rotating Photo Lamp

  • Imagine waking up midnight, you click a switch on and see a picture of your wife smiling. This is Nostalgia Flora.
  • A stunning anniversary gift of radiating memories. A beautiful night lamp for everyday use.
  • Order and send email of the photos along with order number to [email protected]
  • Size: 4 x 4 x 4 inch. Material: Acrylic + Premium Matt Laminated Prints. Floral design on top is laser cut in acrylic.
  • Photo prints, Light, rotation all inside. World’s prettiest night lamp is ready for plug & play.

Yaadein – Rotating photo lamp with music system

  • World's first personalized lamp which rotates and has an integrated speaker
  • Music options -
    • Bluetooth pairing with phone
    • Play Mp3 songs via USB Drive
    • Tune in to FM Radio channels
    • Memory Card,
    • Aux cable
  • Beautiful album style photo design arrangement
  • Switch provided to control rotation ON/OFF
  • BIG size photo lamp with upto 17 pictures. Size: 9" h x 7" w x 7"d
  • Material: Acrylic + Matt Laminated printing
  • Radiating Memories + Favorite music + Subtle Rotation = A perfect Gift!

Tower rotating photo lamp

  • Tall photo lamp with rotation
  • Personalized with 9-13 photos
  • Can feature one full size vertical portrait.
  • Size: 13" h x 4" x 4". SKU: ZV023
  • This is a rotating lamp. Steady tower photo lamp is also available.
  • Watch this products reviews on Youtube

Personalized gift – Nostalgia Rotating Photo Lamp

5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5" 1.5" h acrylic stand below On/off switch for day/night time use 5 Photos SKU: ZV022 The smaller form of this photo lamp is Nostalgia Mini.

Unique Valentine’s day gifts

Surprise him/her with a present like never before!


Love Birds Photo Lamp

  • Love lifts spirits. A photo lamp that celebrates this fact.
  • Personalized gift with one image and caption.
  • Size: 5 x 5 x 5 inch.
  • Egg is hand painted and has light inside.
  • Cute anniversary gift to declare what your wife/husband means to you.

The Color of Love – Photo Art Lamp (16 Colored light, Comes with remote)

Material : Acrylic Size : 4" x 4" x 4" 5 Photos are required Photos are first converted into digital art sketches and placed on all 5 sides A wide color spectrum of 16 different colors is available A remote is provided to change the colors with different modes of transition A romantic gift to choose the color according to your mood

A Happy Marriage Couple lamp for anniversary gift

An anniversary gift that reminds your partner of your wedding day
Celebrating your cute companionship with two handcrafted bride and groom eggs
A personalized gift which is also useful as a night lamp with the eggs having light inside.
Material: Laser cut MDF, plastic handcrafted eggs, Light inside, plotted vinyl and photo paper.
Photo is inserted in a groove, which hence can be changed later.
The light from egg spreads to the picture, giving a beautiful feel at night.
3 W LED used - Low on power consumption. High on smile quotient.
Size: 6" x 8" x 2.5" deep. Comes with a two pin plug wire. Ready to switch on and work. No batteries

4Play – The Game Before The Game!

  • An exciting game dedicated to foreplay!
  • Outer box: 10" x 10". Spray Painted Wood, Plotted Vinyl and Laminated prints.
  • Two spin wheels. One each for man and the lady.
  • 24 uniquely designed tasks with a precise time limit each.
  • Cheat/ Denial to perform a task welcomes an erotic punishment.
  • Candles and feather are only for photographic purpose. Not part of the product.
  • Only for adults above 18 years.
Telepathy long distance touch lamps

Telepathy Lamps

The Language Of Light

Photo frames for Valentine’s day

Gifts that celebrate the journey till now


Heart full collage photo frame

  • Heart shaped collage photo frame with 27 pictures
  • Personalized with two names and date
  • Red rosary background and a pure black frame
  • Size: 11 x 9 inch. PVC frame and laminated prints.

Trip to life – Collage photo frame


• Take a short trip to your life with a single look • Collage photo frame with 41 pictures. • Center image grey scaled and other 40 arranged neatly in parallel grids. • Size: 12 x 12 inch. Material: PVC frame + Matt laminated print. No glass. • Great anniversary gift for married couples, taking a trip down the memory lane.

Oil Paint Photo Art

  • Photo to art - Regular picture converted into a painting.
  • Designed digitally and printed on satin silk paper.
  •  Please send a front facing high resolution picture.

Memorabillia mosaic photo frame – 30 photos

 999.00 2,499.00
Mosaic photo frame with 20-30 photos
Photo art of all memories lingering on and around main picture
Creative design makes the other photos look emerging out of the main photo.
Material: Laminated paper print, wooden back and PVC Frame Mosaic frame as a perfect way to preserve all your precious memories together as it brings delight to your walls with happiness all together.

Creative photo clocks for your Valentine

The gift of a smile every morning

Caricatures Valentine Gifts

Quirky and fun presents

Valentine Forever Couple Caricature

Personalized gift couple caricature with two photos. best Gift for Valentina day for your love Only face will be cut and set in the design. Hair and dressing will remain as given in the design.    

Super Dancer Caricature Standee

  • Birthday gift for girls who love to dance
  • A creative table top which celebrates her passion
  • Brilliant yellow and orange shades giving life to the posture cutout
  • Customized gift with one photo and name below. Only face will be cut and set in the design. Hair and dressing will remain as given in the design.
  • Size: 6 x 4 inch.

Balanced relationship caricature standee

1. Personalized gift couple caricature with two photos 2. Power of a pushup and peace of yoga, showing how the partners complete each other. 3. Wooden base for stable stand on desk. 4. Material is acrylic. Size: 6" x 4".

You drive me crazy couple caricature standee

1. Couple caricature standee for those who are madly in love with each other. 2. Express how much joy she brings to you with this personalized gift. 3. Super cool addition to her work desk. 4. Material: Acrylic + wooden stand below. Custom made with two names. 5. Size: 8" x 6"


Personalized Gifts for Valentine’s Day!

It is true that love can’t be bound by a single day. Like life, it must be celebrated throughout the year. Then what is the point behind putting so much emphasis on Valentine’s Day gifts?

But as in life, we celebrate birthdays on a specific date, also give each other anniversary gifts as memory of a date; 14th February is the day to celebrate love. One can express love all around the year, but this month, you make your partner feel extra special. And there could not be anything more endearing to your wife than seeing a personalized gift for Valentine’s Day.

Personalized Photo Lamps – A gift to celebrate love!

Valentine’s week calls for the assertion of how perfect you feel with your partner. From Rose day to chocolate, each day celebrates a different medium of the same expression. The expression of how much you love being together. And when it comes to reliving those best moments of life together, to gift Personalized Photo lamps and Frames on Valentine’s Day are the best way of doing it. Choose your favorite honeymoon and wedding pictures and convert them into a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for him. Your smile radiating in his arms, with that blue beach in the background, all lit with a brilliant radiance from within is a perfect personalized gift for husband this 14th February.

Propose with creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

Has the cupid’s arrow hit very recently and you are planning to use that old saint’s legacy to say those three magic words? Her eyes may be waiting to see that yellow rose turn red in your hand this year, her ears may be waiting this 14th February to hear your voice. But she would love it more, if you make it memorable. After all, it is a lifetime thing. Think how big this could be if it comes true. That red rose could be a trophy she will treasure all her life. So the gift must be so special that she cannot say no to.

Roses and teddy bears are add-ons these days. Be advised, it is not the gift she will accept. So when you are planning a Valentine’s Day gift for her, let your creative juices flow. Zoci Voci has got your back here. Personalized lamps and photo frames online form a super cool option as a gift. Check our special catalog which presents some really unique gift ideas.

Pal pal dil ke paas, is a beautiful idea to express your longing for her. The personalized clock uses wall decal stickers along with her beautiful photo to let her know that she resides every second in your heart. Our cupid night glow frame looks like a usual photo frame in the day and turns into your names and a cupid aiming arrow at it. This is another brilliant way to say that she has pierced your heart through.

My heart pops out for you, a 3D photo frame is a romantic gift for him. But if you are looking to go super creative, you can buy Harmony – our latest photo lamp which has a Bluetooth speaker integrated. On this 14th February, Decorate a dinner set up with some roses, gift her Harmony with your couple pictures inserted and play her favorite song when she is expecting the least. This will set up the perfect mood for that dance celebrating your love.

After all, this is the story you will tell to your kids. Make it memorable for them!