Hanging Photo Lamp – Rectangle

Hanging Photo Lamp – Rectangle


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  • Personalizable with 5 Photos (including a photo on the bottom)
  • 1.5 ft hanging accessory
  • This hanging photo lamp comes in a rectangular shape
  • 5.5″ h x 7.5″ w x 7.5″ d
  • Material: acrylic material
  • 5 W CFI lamp

Personalization: Send photos to [email protected] along with order number.

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Metro cities - 2 working days
Non metro - whatsapp 96246 22160 for confirmation.

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There are many types of lamps that we see, but one of the most aesthetic and catchy ones is the hanging photo lamp or, what it is commonly known as, a pendant-like light fixture.

We can use a hanging photo lamp for different lighting types, such as general lighting, area lighting, and task lighting. The hanging photo lamp has a contemporary style in its design. It adds a certain elegance in your interior and a modern appeal to your décor as well. This variety of use and style make this lamp one of your friends and family’s most aesthetic gift.

Zoci Voci’s Hanging Photo Lamp is the perfect gifting solution for your friends and family. Personalize this hanging lamp and add a certain grace and luster into your loved ones’ home décor.

With a 1.5 ft hanging accessory coming along with and powered with a 5 W CFL light, this pure acrylic lamp is a treat to look at.

Personalize this hanging lamp with best-shared memories, and add an emotional touch to your home décor.

You can just email us the photos that you would like to highlight with this lamp, and catch everyone’s eyes. We make sure that the lamp is only according to your expectations. Thus we send you pictures as a preview of the product before we deliver it at your doorstep.

Product Description:

  • This hanging photo lamp comes in a rectangular shape, thus makes all of your landscape pictures look good
  • You can personalize this lamp with a total of 5 photos, including a photo on the bottom
  • Material: acrylic material, thus significantly less maintenance cost
  • This hanging lamp comes with a 1.5 ft long hanging accessory, thus makes your installation process easier
  • 5 W CFI lamp

For the latest designs in photo lamps, follow our Instagram and youtube page.

If you are confused regarding the choice of your gift, you can opt-in for our free personalized gift consultation to choose good birthday gifts for you.

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Hanging Lamps




Acrylic, Laminated printing


1.5 ft hanging accessory, Bulb fit inside



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