Photography Lamps – A perfect customised gift for Photographers

photography lamps

Photography Lamps – A perfect customised gift for Photographers

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone can see it. Only few blessed and talented people have the art to make people see the beauty in the simplest things surrounding us. One such person is my friend Sanjay. He is blessed with the art of photography. He loves to take long early morning drives and capture the most beautiful moments of mother nature in a special way and bring the natural beauty to others eyes. I loved his art and always pushed him to participate in competitions and exhibitions. But recently, he participated in a competition and his work got rejected, with which he was very disappointed and got depressed.


A special Gift for Photography

I wanted to cheer him up and so decided to gift him something special. To get a special gift for creative person is a big task as everything online seemed dull to me as compared to his work. So I decided to use his photography and make a beautiful gift: a personalized gift. I started searching for personalized gifts online. I got many options but nothing impressed me. Finally, I my eyes glued at the personalized lamps. That made me decide to buy personalized photo lamps online for him.


Zoci Voci – a hub of photo lamps

There was a few websites selling personalized photo lamps but the most renowned and highest rated name was Zoci Voci who were most rated to have the best designs for personalized lamps, personalized photo frames, personalized caricature frames and were claimed to have the best quality and services. I visited their website and their designs impressed me. I loved the rectangle with stand design from their personalized lampshades segment and ordered the same for him.


And he smiled…

I casually visited Sanjay on a Sunday morning and asked him for his favor. I asked him to accompany me for a drive to my uncle’s farm house. My uncle’s farm house is a beautiful place in the outskirts of the town and surrounded by nature. We entered the house and I connected the beautiful personalized photo lamp. The amazing personalized lampshade made the photos, clicked by him, glow beautifully. The room started glowing with the radiance of nature colors. There was a radiant smile on Sanjay’s face. Coming closer he took the lamp in his hands, he could not believe that his piece of art could look so beautiful if used correctly. He understood what exactly I wanted to convey him and took out his camera from his bag and ordered me to assist him for his nature expedition.


Sanjay has learnt that his talent is priceless and he should continue to his dreams irrespective of any failure. Success will come his way on its own, he just have to keep going and improving in his work. My relation with Sanjay has also strengthened with that beautiful personalized lamp. Sanjay loved the gift and took the contact details from me and has decided to click pictures and buy personalized gifts online online for everyone on every occasion.

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