“When loved ones are away, But love finds its way!”

Touch on one, Others lights up – All Over Internet.

Telepathy Lamps – India’s 1st Long Distance Lamps

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Telepathy – Raining Diamonds (Set of 2 Lamps)


Telepathy – Tree Table Lamp


When words are not enough to express a feeling!


Telepathy connects to the internet and communicates to other connected lamps via it.

The first time set up involves feeding your Wi Fi credentials to your lamp. Here is a video for reference –

Once stored, Telepathy lamps save your credentials in their memory and connects to it by itself every time, it is powered on.

No. Telepathy comes with a cord and plug. It works on a household AC supply.

Telepathy lamps work on 110 – 220 V AC power supply. Hence it is good to use in India, USA and major countries without a voltage converter. But as it comes with an Indian two plug pin, you may have to use a plug adapter.

A long touch on sensor makes the Telepathy lamp enter into color change mode. Whenever the color of your choice appears, short touch it. Telepathy will save this color and radiate this same color on all the connected lamps, whenever you touch yours.

Yes. That can be done any time as many times you want.

Whenever you touch your lamp, your friend’s lamp will remain lit in that color for an hour.

Yes. A warm yellow light can be switched on/off with the button given.

There is no limit to it. You can connect with the ones you love, as many times as you want.

Telepathy lamps consume lesser power than a smart phone.

Telepathy will blink blue on your touch, indicating that it does not have access to the internet.

Yes. There is no upper cap to it. Just enter the same email id while set up, which you have used for the first two.

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