First time set up – Friendship Lamps – Telepathy

  1. Plug in the lamp’s cable to the wall socket and turn the switch on.
  2. Long press the black switch on the lamp, until light turns purple.
  3. On your mobile phone/desktop, check the Wi Fi tab for a connection named “Telepathy Lamp”
  4. Connect to “Telepathy Lamp”
  5. From a web browser visit “”
  6. Select your place’s wifi name from the available options. You can use a mobile hotspot as well.
  7. Enter the password for this WiFi connection
  8. Two or more Telepathy lamps will be connected only when they use same email id while registration. Below password, is a field to enter email id. Use the same email id for all Telepathy lamps that you want to connect with each other.
  9. Click Save and wait for two minutes.
  10. The browser will show “Connected”. Telepathy lamps will blink green twice to show that it has saved your Wi Fi credentials.
  11. You can now long touch the steel rings (touch sensors) on top to trigger the color change mode. Telepathy will show different colors. Whenever the color of your choice appears, touch once on the sensors. Telepathy will save this as your color. Every time you touch your lamp(sensors), all connected lamps will glow to this same color.

If you are still facing troubles with the set up, we can arrange a video call to help with the set up.

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Common errors that people make while setting up Telepathy Lamps

1. Telepathy Lamp – Wi Fi shows no access to internet.

The first step of doing the set up is to long press the push button switch. Lamp would turn purple. After this, you need to check available Wi Fi connection in any phone. You can find a connection named “Telepathy Lamp” in it. Connect to it.

The phone may show that this Wi Fi does not have access to internet. And this is expected. Do not hesitate and keep the phone connected to the Wi Fi named “Telepathy Lamp”.

2. Website ‘’ takes me to a spam site.

This would only happen if the Wi Fi is not connected to “Telepathy Lamp”. This site will only work when the phone is connected to this Wi Fi “Telepathy Lamp”. Phones at times disconnect from the wifi “Telepathy Lamp” because it has no access to internet. This is a local Wi Fi made only for you to enter your home Wi Fi credentials to your lamps.

3. Sorry, We could not connect using the given information

When you visit ‘’, it shows you available Wi Fi connections in the vicinity. Select your home Wi Fi name and enter the password of this connection. Then you enter the email id (this will be common for a group of connected lamps). This message would only appear when the password entered is incorrect.

A solution for this is to create a mobile personal hot spot with some other phone. Now while setting up, you can select this connection while doing the set up instead of home Wi Fi. You can check the exact password from your phone and enter that. Later, you can find the correct home wifi password and reset the lamp.

4. Lamps are all set up, but we cannot send each other color messages

This would happen when the email id entered while setting up are different. If the lamps have access to internet and have the same email id while registration, lamps will communicate.

5. My lamp won’t turn green after set up.

After the lamp set up is done, it may take some time for downloading the code and turn green. Wait for a couple of minutes and the lamp will turn green.

6. My lamp worked fine after the set up. But it has gone blank the second time I powered in.

This could be the lamp downloading an update from server. Give it 5-10 minutes and it will start showing colors as usual. You can even try restarting the lamp from the wall socket. And plugging it back in. It will work as usual.

7. After I have turned the lamp purple, clicking on switch does not turn it off.

The black push button switch is for ambient light on/off. Telepathy lamps can only be powered on/off from the wall socket.