The perfect Father’s day gift [2020]

Father's day gift

The perfect Father’s day gift [2020]

Harper Lee in his book ‘Go Set a Watchman’ said that

“She did not stand alone, but what stood behind her, the most potent moral force in her life, was the love of her father.”

Father… A hero in every kid’s life. A father believes in you even in the hardest times. He acts your guide when you want to experiment and experience life, and he pulls you up when you fall. A father lets you see the world with your own eyes, but also add his viewpoint as well. He ends up being the villain often because he is the one to put a stop on all our unreasonable demands.

But, he is there for you whenever you need him.

A Father’s day gift allows us to express our love, gratitude, and affection for our fathers.

On this Father’s day, show your Father the special place they have in your heart by showering them with the perfect father’s day gift.

Gifting is considered as an art. It is an item that lets you express your love and affection for that one person. So mostly, you want your Father’s day gift to be as unique as possible. Zoci Voci is the perfect option for you!

We at Zoci Voci, have developed a finely curated list of father’s day gift ideas. We have kept in mind the need for personalized gifting, which is a gifting trend nowadays.

Here is a list of products that we curated for your Father’s day gifts:

Harmony – Radiating memories with music

For tech-savvy fathers, here is the perfect gifting item for father’s day—a product which will invoke memories not only through photos but also through their favorite music.

With features like FM Radio, Bluetooth pairing, USB/Aux cable compatibility, and a clock, this product has it all and is a perfect desk solution. Check out this video here as well.

Kite LED Photo Frame Lamp

LED Photo Frame

Kite LED Photo Frame Lamp

Most of the time, Dads don’t like these shiny and glittery gifts. They want something that is smaller in size and has efficiency as well. But what if you want a cute photo frame for his bedside table, but also make it a bit efficient? This lovely geometric LED photo frame is the right gift for your Father.

The Kite shaped geometric frame stands out from the traditional look of the frame, and the LED illuminance gives it a perfect lamp feels.

Photo Lamp for Dads

Photo Lamps for father

Your Dad is an influential figure in your life that has provided you with guidance and shelter all your life. This creative photo lamp is an excellent way of thanking him for everything he has done for you.

It has a 3D hut cutout with an egg that lights up under it. The egg represents you and the hut, a loving shelter that your Father has provided you. You can personalize it by adding a photo of the two of you.

This photo lamp looks very decent and perfectly adds a shine to your Father’s work desk.

LED Photo Frame

LED Photo Frame

LED Photo Frame

You want to give him a gift that is both traditional and modern? Your search ends here.

Gift this LED Photo frame to your Dad, with a sturdy and rustic wooden frame, which also radiates the best memory you share with him. The highlight of the product is that you can change the photo at any time.

Thus, its an eternal gift that expresses the eternal love you have for your Father.

Personalized Mug for Dad

Personalized Mug for father

Dad -My Hero personalized mug

All our lives, we say that if there is a hero in our life, it has to be our Dad. So why not gift something that means so?

Gift this cute coffee mug with the inscription of “My Dad is my Hero” and even customize it by adding a picture of the two of you.

Adorable Dad Photo Frame

Photo frame for father

Your Father is the best supporter of your life. He has been this hero-figure all your life, guiding you through your toughest and best time of life. This Father’s day, gift this adorable photo frame to remind him how important he is in your life and how adorable he is.

“Pyaare Papa” is the cutest photo frame that can bring a smile on your Father’s face.

We hope that you found this an exciting read, and it gives you a perfect father’s day gift ideas. We also offer personalized gifting consultation here, in case you are confused about what to surprise your father with this father’s day.

Zoci Voci has features like free shipping, fast delivery, and reprinting option available to ensure that there is no compromise on your perfect plan to gift your loved ones.

Check out our customer reviews here. You can also check out our Instagram and youtube profile.

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