10 fun things to do in Quarantine during Lockdown


10 fun things to do in Quarantine during Lockdown

In this pandemic period when the world is suffering and government trying measures to curb the virus, majority of the people like me and you are sitting at home idle with no work. Have you ever thought that although this is a hard time for few, this kind of free time you may not be getting in lifetime? So why waste this time and why not invest it into some creative constructive activity. Following are 10 fun things to do in Quarantine during Lockdown to foster your life.


1. Learn Ambidexterity:

A person depicting Ambidextrous

Have you ever thought that why are we still using the same hand for writing or eating or brushing up your teeth or playing from whole life? Probably it is because we have been trained from childhood like this, that we are expert of one hand doing it efficiently, but have you tried doing the same activity with other hand? Use this Quarantine time, try to write from your wrong hand and you will realise that your writing will be only as good as a three-year-old. So, why not we practice using our wrong hand when we have so much ample time for this? It could be the most essential learning and practice you will get to have which may remain with you till your lifetime.


2. Reverse Walking:

Reverse walking

We all have been trained to walk in forward direction and we are still comfortably walking in the same direction from our age two, and got better as we got old and still following that. How many of us have walked in reverse direction unless there is a competition of lemon & spoon race? In this free quarantine time how about we practice reverse walking in our homes and train ourselves. Reverse walking is also good for your health, so why not give it a try.


3. Take up a science pet project:

Science pet project

I’m sure many of us had sometime in our life had placed a magnetic lens between a sun and a dry leaf to see it burn with sun rays. It was so interesting that time to actually practice this science project. Why not we take some good science project from our childhood and practice it once again. This will make us re-live those childhood memories we used to have during our primary schools.


4. Cook & Feed your Family:


Cooking is not just a work, it’s a creative skill which many males are not able to practice in their life time. How about today you take some veggies, try cutting and cook for yourself and others. The joy you will get once your food is ready which you have made by yourself is surely going to make you happy. This will be the most important fun filled activity you can learn during Quarantine.


5. A bit of dance and music:


In our sleep-work-food lifestyle there is hardly any time left which you do for yourself, which makes you feel happy. Dance & Music are one of them. So, while staying at home why not you practice some music by singing a song on Karaoke or learn some form of dance, so next time nobody can to you say that Pappu Can’t dance saala 😛


6. Chess, Puzzles, LR:


In this longest period of Quarantine, you and your brain will often get lazy. Even while we were at work, we only cared about money and ways to get it. Have you thought that probably after your entrance exams, you have hardly used your analytic and reasoning skills? Don’t you think these skills are equally important for problem solving and quick decision makings? So in this free time, why not play some real strategy based games like chess or solve some Sudoku’s and Jig saw puzzles which can help boost our reasoning and analytic skills.


7. Cartoons and Comedy Shows:


Tom & Jerry has been my favorite cartoon character in childhood. I can watch Tom & Jerry repeatedly whenever I’m free. I’m sure even you must be having some cartoon characters as your favorites but have hardly seen in recent times. Cartoons has been the best stress busters as there was no logic and just full of laughter. Even the retro comedy shows like Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, Khichdi, etc has also been telecasted, so why not watch it again and re-live your childhood.


8. Virtual Class Room:


Won’t you like if you get to be in your school or college classroom once again in lifetime? Most of our memories are still stuck in those last benches, or mimicking your professors, throwing chalks and papers, playing games like pens, book cricket, legs, taplibaaji, etc. How about you take initiative a create a virtual classroom inviting all your class mates and even professors you may in touch with and relive those golden moments? Nobody is going to be this free ever in life, so why not make use of this time. There are many platforms like skype, zoom, etc. available for this purpose


9. Apna Kaam Svayam Karo:


Do you remember that Hindi Poem with this title, where a bird was pretty sure that unless the owner of the land comes by himself and cut the grass, her nest won’t be in danger?

As we were getting old and rich, we have made our life dependent for daily routine work. We have hired maids for sweeping our houses, washing clothes and utensils, cleaning our car, etc. An argument could be that we hire people for non-important work so it saves a time of us. But don’t you think this has made our life so dependent and hence when maids are not available this non-essential work has been looking so burdensome to you? Let’s start doing our daily routine work ourselves. Follow it even when lockdown is over as this will make you self-sufficient and not dependent on anyone else. A good lesson which Quarantine has reached us 😉


10. Re-connect your relations, friendships & spread love:


Many of us are not in regular touch with friends and relatives, due to our busy schedules or some other personal reasons. This is the ideal time to fill in those gaps and re-connect with them. Just call or email them or send a customized friendship card to them and make them feel special. With #COVID19, one must have realized that we have small life, so its not good to keep the gaps. You need your family and friends with you because finally towards end, they will be with you. Your work, your boss, your clients, all will go away with passage of time. 🙂

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