10 ways to Re-connect with old friends in the time of Quarantine


10 ways to Re-connect with old friends in the time of Quarantine

You share your best memories with old friends but with passage of time one tend to lose contact, due to our busy schedules, or due to some mis-understanding or small fight long time back. This is the ideal time to fill in those gaps. Following are 10 ways to Re-connect with old friends.


1. Tring Tring:


There may be so many of your old friends, who may not have heard you from years. Just call and surprise them as they may not be expecting your call.


2. Send a e-friendship card:

Friendship Card

How about sending a e-friendship card with you and your friends name on it? Your dear friend would not be expecting such a gesture from you and hence this can be an ice-breaker to re-connect.


3. Buy a virtual gift for them:

Virtual Gift

During this period of lockdown, nobody would be expecting a gift from anyone as no one will be in a position to buy or send any physical gift for your loved ones. So, why not send a virtual gift and surprise them, for which you may obtain physical delivery later. Probably this could be their all-time favorite birthday gift or anniversary gift coz they would have expected the least. A soft copy of collage or mosaic frame can be a good option here.


4. Send them an old pic of you & them:

Old Pic of friends

We all have at least one school time pic. So why not take some of your old albums and send a pic from it to your loved ones. They must be equally delighted as you will be on seeing those retro pics.


5. Play an online game:

Online Game

Many apps are available online to play a game between two individuals like online scrabble, Ludo, chess, etc. Why not invite your old friend to play one online game and make use of the free time?


6. Tag them in your old life events:


Your old friends must be a part of your life events. So, why not tag them with such events on your timeline and make them notify to relive those moments again.


7. Start a virtual class room:


How about you take initiative a create a virtual classroom inviting all your class mates and even professors you may in touch with and re-live those golden moments? Nobody is going to be this free ever in life, so why not make use of this time. This could be your most memorable experience.


8. Take insights on your future plans:


This is the ideal time for each one of us to re-assess your goal plan and career graph. Since you have your friends who are free right now, why not you involve them in your future plans? Since they are your friends, they won’t be giving you any wrong advice. By this not only you will get a clarity but will also get a objective to re-connect with friends.


9. Take a joint online subscription:

Health App

So many online subscriptions today are available like for Health & Fitness, Sports, etc. How about getting a joint subscription to such interested apps, follow and track each other performance? This will not only make you healthy but will also make you competitive against your own friend


10. Send a physical postcard:

Post Card

No matter how well the e-gifts and cards and calls and messages are prominent today, it cannot take the significance of those physical postcards and inland letters you used to receive when you were child. Since the postal department is working why not actually post a physical letter to your friend or old relative using the kind of language you use then and re-live your past 🙂

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