Gifts in the time of COVID19 being online

Gifts online in the time of COVID19

Gifts in the time of COVID19 being online

Is gift an essential good?

While the world is battling an unexpected war, the unavoidable lock downs are impacting businesses and economies adversely. This can lead to a lot of unemployment and pay cuts. To save extra costs and spending wisely would be a priority in these times. People will be selective while buying products for themselves. Luxury goods will take the back seat with people only spending focusing their budget on essentials. For many it would be a straight forward yes. When we are thinking twice for spending on products of self need, how does buying a personalized gift online for someone else justify?

Well, there are two ways of looking at this. First is the obvious perception which I have already stated. Second perception would be through these new simple glasses which this epidemic has gifted us. Being isolated from one another, away from work and all mortal greed, in this quarantine period we relived as kids. The way God created us. Seeing so much of death around, we have started valuing life more.

The second perspective to gifting

The COVID 19 virus has given a pause to that rat race, which we were all a part of. It is a pause which has given us a chance to step out and have a broader view at life. We have started to feel the kindness and generosity a human was designed to have. In this dark period, people have realized how sweet it is to brighten up some one’s day. People have begun to experience the multiplied joy of making some one smile. To help you get that, we have even designed a free personalized friendship card. Write your names on to this and express it to your friend how much he means to you.

So when one looks through this second perspective, bringing joy to someone else is important. Celebrating life’s milestones with romantic anniversary gifts is important. Though she may say “I am too old to celebrate”, your mom’s birthday is equally important. Even if you are traveling for work, leaving a small gift for your wife is important. She would never ask for it, but making a Rakhi present for your sister is important. Sending flowers to your grandfather living in a different city is important. Even though economy will be down, sharing sweets with your domestic help is important. Expression in every form is simply important.


Why giving gifts is still important?

Why? Because it instills the belief in humanity. When someone receives a present when he/she is not expecting one, it brings a smile to them. Do you know why they smile? Not just because they received something from you. The physical gift would obviously be something they would cherish. But it is the surprise which make them glow. It is the surprise of affection which they just received. Your gift could be a card which you made yourself or it could be a shiny personalized lamp bought online, that smile would still be the same. We, humans love to be loved. Securing the first rank in your class or getting a 50% appraisal can never match the wings of joy which spread when your crush first time smiled at you.


Which gifts you can buy under limited budget?

So do not let the slow economy restrict your loved ones from getting that smile. You can always go for handmade or budget gift options. He/she will not see the price of the product, but the effort you have taken for making it. Expression is the only thing which is important. And for expression, what you need is just the emotion. Once you have that, everything else can be taken care off. If you can’t think of any presents which he/she would love, try our personalized gift consultation. Answer six questions about your recipient and our expert will give a cool gift idea.

Like the smile of your loved one, this consultation is also precious.
But like bringing that smile is free, so is this service. 

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