Expression – Friendship card with customized names

Expression – Friendship card with customized names

Expression – Friendship card with customized names


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In a time when positive has become the new negative, one’s mental strength is at test.

COVID-19 a pandemic which has shaken the whole world, made its way to India in early March 2020. Without a reliable medicine or vaccine for it, social distancing is the only option left for country to minimize the cases. With the virus spreading fast, the government imposed a country-wide lock down of 21 days. Being in the last of this three week lock down, things still don’t seem to be getting normal soon. For many it has been days since they have come out of the house.

Isolation in these times is essential for physical well being. But being away from friends and loved ones for so long is testing mental strength for many. We are not used to these conditions. It is difficult to remain away from work and the wonderful socialization which comes along with it. It is only human for people to wish to connect with their regular set of people. Working in a physical office includes a lot many things. One to one meetings, playing pranks, sharing lunch together, playing a game or just chilling out with friends, there is so many activities that one misses. And equally we miss the memories which we have created over the years with those special people.

But if we see the glass half full, this is also an opportunity in disguise. It is a brilliant opportunity to express how special these people are to you. In daily life, one may not get the time for stating this. But in these low times when things are tough for everyone, a sweet expression of affection would bring a smile. Hence we have come with an idea.

It is a friendship card that is personalized with names. The design expresses your emotions beautifully. With two people sitting beside a sunset a text is there below which states how much the other person means to you. These words of love are all your friend needs to read today. In isolation with so much of negativity around, this personalized gift in their phone would light up their day. It will bring a sense of self-worthiness. When a room is dark, all one needs is one ray of light to set hope upon. This personalized poster could be that simple ray of affection which will guide their way through these dark hours of isolation.
So send some love today. Make them feel how special they are for you. And bring a smile to your loved one!


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