Why moon photo lamp is not the best personalized gift after all?

Photo moon lamp - The best personalized gift ever?

Why moon photo lamp is not the best personalized gift after all?

14th February is just a week away and every one is looking to find a special Valentine’s day gift for their partner. The occasion calls for a personalized gift, which the Valentine would never forget. A customised gift with photos is truly special. The trend of this year has been the photo moon lamp. But have you ever thought that actually its not the best personalised gift.


What does a moon lamp have ?

Giving a 3D printed moon lamp with saying “Love you to the moon and back!” is surely a good idea. But how effective is this new photo gift idea? For those who do not know, a custom moon lamp is made by 30 hours of 3D printing. A picture is integrated on one side and a caption on the other. With a multi color light inside, the edge-less sphere does look ravishing at night. With the touch to change color option, it also adds a whole dimension to the product making it very interactive and fun to play with.


How does moon lamp look in day time ?

But how does the moon lamp look like in the day? It looks exactly as a plastic sphere would look like. Without the light, it looks like a white ball, in which even the photo is not visible. This is a major drawback if you consider that this is going to sit on your side table/desk for the whole 24×7 and not just the night time. This issue is not just with the moon lamp, but also with all other acrylic engraved lamps. They look like plastic sheet in day time.


Memories on moon lamp

Yes, memories and light are a sweet combination. But when seen live, the Nostalgia rotating photo lamps are a far better idea than the moon lamp. Moreover, the built quality is a question. The customized moon lamps these days come with a rechargeable cell which usually die out within 2-3 hours of light when new. With usage, this time will further decrease. Even on an optimistic approach, these rechargeable cells would not last more than a year if used every day. Here comes the fix! The 3D printed moon photo lamps available these days, do not have any option to open the body and change the cells. So if there is any electronic issue whatsoever, the moon lamp will be a good ball to play for kids. We are ignoring the pain of recharging it every day.



Yes portability is a good feature, but then it should have good quality and repairable battery inside. Some of the engraved photo lamps these days use a one time use 9 V battery to power the LED. These batteries do not last more than 3-4 hours. After that you need fresh ones. Giving such a customized gift would be a pain for the recipient. He/she will either have to keep replacing those batteries every alternate day(which will cost for more than product value in a month) or just keep it aside as a regular photo frame.


So if you are looking to buy a personalized lamp for actual use and not just a one time surprise thing, printed photo lamps are a good idea. They use laminated printing, which ensures a beautiful picture view even in the day time without the light on. Moreover, their electric connections are done on the bottom kits, which open on screws and are easily repairable locally. Not to forget, working on the household power removes the stress to charge/discharge the batteries every day.

Yes yo do lose on portability because of this. But if you are looking for a nice bed side lamp which gives light to your recipient every night and looks evenly pretty in the day, then these are the personalized gifts for you.

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