Best 1st Birthday Gift – Cylinder Photo lamp.

1st Birthday Gift

Best 1st Birthday Gift – Cylinder Photo lamp.

A generous buyer writing her gifting experience with her:


While choosing the best 1st birthday gift for my son, I’m overwhelmed with nostalgia. It feels like just yesterday was the day when my water broke and we had rushed to the hospital. I had a boom of emotions in me. After 8 months and 29 days, the day had finally come! I was anxious, nervous, excited all at the same time!! “My water is broke, so in no time I will have my baby in my arms” and there were so many similar anticipatory thoughts running in my mind! But little did I know that becoming a mother was not that easy.


And he came to this world.

Delivering the baby was the most critical and the most difficult part! After inducing labour for 36 hours (which tested my patience), he was born! My baby was born! Babies are God sent for sure! Who else would hold such magical power of giving you endless happiness just with their smile! As I saw him for the first time and held him in my arms scarily so as not to hurt him even a bit, I felt so blessed! I knew my son had born, but I also knew a mother was born!


1st Birthday

And today, as we are about to celebrate his first birthday, I still can’t believe he has grown up so big! Yes, he will be one within few days and I wanted to buy birthday gift online for him, perfect enough to go with the room I had decorated for him. I had handpicked everything for his new room. He will have new set of toys on his 1st birthday. New clothes and so much more! And hence I wanted to create a warm space for my little one and gift it to him on his 1st birthday.


Choosing 1st Birthday Gift

I had so much in my mind about decorating his room. But I was looking for a gift that could stay with him forever as a reminder of his first birthday. A toy or a fancy piece of clothing was a mandatory thing to be given to him, but I wanted something more. I kept looking stuff online. As I was surfing through my Facebook account, an advertisement popped up on my screen. There was this beautiful lamp and not just that, but it looked personalized! Voila! I had found appropriate gift for my little one I knew.


Personalised Lamp – Best 1st Birthday Gift

I clicked mon the ad and it landed me to their page, zocivoci.com. And to my surprise, there was so much to choose from – personalized frames, lamps, wall stickers and so much more. I kept looking and something just came as the most right thing at that time, in front of my eyes. ‘Personalized Cylinder lamp’, was something that caught all my attention.


I had clicked his numerous pictures in past one year. And also got the photo-shoot done. But I didn’t know how exactly I could display all his best chosen pictures. Cylinder photo lamp could help me do that. As I read more, I learnt that I could use as many as 12 of my son’s pictures which would be a part of this beautiful cylindrical lamp. I could place this lamp in his room to see the illuminated nursery walls and curtains! I waited no more and placed the order. Being a mother had changed my life upside down.


I remember my early days of being a mother. I had forgotten myself and would walk around with my baby in my arms without the sense of days and nights. Tough days those were! Feed time, nap time, poop time and repeat. Motherhood has taught me so much. Most of all, it has taught me to be patient. I wanted to buy personalized gift online that would meet my minimum expectations, but this lamp was beyond! The lamp was not really a gift to my son, but I think, a gift to myself. It brought back all the fond memories of me with my son since his birth and reminded me how that time would never come back!

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