A blog by a Joyful customer

A blog by a Joyful customer

When that lamp made my anniversary special

We are married for three years now, but never expressed our love for each other. Arranged marriages, as it is, hardly give any opportunities of love expression. And we were no different. We matched Kundlis and sun signs, saw studio-clicked-photos and did the match ! Having met only twice or thrice, we both knew that we were in no hurry for rushing into each other. And today when our married life is a three year baby now, I wanted to express my love for her. She is an interior designer and I know her love for lights. So I wanted to gift her ‘best version’ of light, a lamp! A lamp that would not just illuminate her face but also lit her heart! And then began my search to buy anniversary gift online for my beloved.


Zoci Voci: An expert for anniversary gifts.

A friend of mine had suggested me Zoci voci expressing how satisfied he was with the gift he got for his spouse. So there I was, filled with enthusiasm and excitement, looking for just-the-perfect-gift for my wife. I will be honest in telling how much I loved each and every product of Zoci voci.There is so much to choose from! And I loved the idea of personalised lamps. How beautifully do they add glow to your old memories!!

I had in my mind exactly what I was looking for. But that didn’t make the search any easier, instead,harder. When you know what you want, you don’t compromise. I had even started to cull out photos from our wedding album. Ah! She looked so charming and adorable. As I swiped right the photos of our wedding, the beautiful journey of our togetherness of 3.5 years (including the courtship) ran like a movie on my mind. Our journey from love to marriage took a while, but I am glad we got good amount of time to know each other and accept each other with all the flaws. We surely had started to be completing and complementing each other, and this I wanted to tell her.


Cubelit: A unique anniversary gift

Cubelit Personalized Lamp – Perfect Anniversary Gift” by Zocivoci.com is where my exhaustive search ended for a perfect gift for the perfect occasion! That’s it!! I was so happy to receive the gift within no time after placing the order. My mind ran the speed of the horses in planning things for her. Not just the gift, but to add to the effects, I had planned for balloons, flowers, cakes and bouquet! Sounds clichéd! But only that holds the ability to fill the ambience with romance and love!


Finally the day had arrived. I had sent my wife to her friend’s place saying I would be busy the entire day with my office work. It gave me all the time to set the things in place for her. I picked her “on my way from office” and my eyes were glued to her anticipating the reaction she would give. “Dear, the key is stuck. Can you please unlock and open the door?” I said.


She grabbed the key from me, twisted and turned, and there it was! The blush on her face added to the glow. As she walked down the red-rose- red-carpet I had laid for her, I could see the happiness in her eyes. Her ear to ear smile was worth all the efforts I had put in. And the thing she loved the most? The lamp! She was happy like a baby seeing the anniversary gift. And then I narrated her how I had planned everything since so advance and how I wanted to buy personalised gift online for her. She was amazed with all the efforts and then we had started our journey of “love marriage”.

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