A Personalized Gift that radiates memories!

A Personalized Gift that radiates memories!

A present is a personification of emotions. It delivers a set of emotions which words can’t express. Usually a gift delivers the same emotion along with a “vow” factor. Surprise is an integral part of gifts these days. May it be midnight birthday celebrations or early morning cake attacks, on every occasion people plan to do something never done before. Packing its unique customized touch, personalized gifts have been in trend since 2010. The demand for such personalized anniversary and birthday gifts has grown to levels like never before. Photo mugs and cushions were the first outbreak of utility gifts getting printed upon. But as time went, people have now started to look for new ideas. In such an atmosphere, photo lamps by Zoci Voci have emerged to be the new thing people were waiting for. The number of searches on Google and the number of people finally going ahead to buy personalized photo lamps online is growing with every passing day!


The novel idea of radiating memories!


Today everyone aspire to be famous. With growth of social media and the amount of time people have started spending on it, the significance of face value has increased. In an age of selfies and filters, the emphasis on looking good is obviously high. The tremendous growth of concepts like pre-wedding photos and pregnancy shoots is a clear proof of it. Trends like taking a photographer to honeymoon was unthinkable before 10 years. But when so many memories are getting created and captured, it calls for methods or products which would display them to their true worth. A conventional photo frame would do not justify the effort which is put behind capturing that one sun rise pose along with the new couple. Hence came in the need for creative photo frames.


Putting light behind any print enhances its feel. The colors and contrast of an image project up in a backlit print. That is the reason we find most of the road side and big banners getting tube lights behind. It attracts to the eye and gives a magic touch to the print. But taking this effect to the bed sides of one and all, was a novel idea.


The Evolution of  Photo Lamps:

Photo Lamps

Zoci Voci started this with a basic Cubelit, a six sided acrylic box, where they printed 5 sides and fixed a light inside. The light would make the pictures radiate and give a beautiful feel to them. People instantly liked the idea. It was not only a great idea to buy personalized gifts online, but also an attractive interior idea. Slowly they started experimenting with geometries and soon people saw a pyramid, cylindrical and tower photo lamp shades.


Nostalgia – Revolving Photo Lamps:

Photo Lamps

With different geometries all kinds of steady photo lamps started gaining popularity depending on the number of pictures a customer wanted to have. But there was something missing. People wanted to add a dynamic feel to this wonderful personalized gift. Zoci Voci design team worked hard to realize it, but it yielded the first rotating photo lamp went out for sales.


People liked the idea of personalized lamps. But they loved seeing Nostalgia in action. What could be a better present than one’s best spent moments radiating from a bedside lamp which rotates? May it Valentine’s day gifts or anniversary gifts, the idea of revolving photo lamps was loved by all. Soon, the Zoci Voci team produced three more designs to the collection.


Harmony – A complete desk solution:

Photo Lamps

With rotating photo lamps, it was obvious that the product has reached its pinnacle of beauty. People have accepted this even at a price segment above 1000 bucks. But Zoci Voci surprised all its customers when they launched Harmony. A first of its kind photo lamp which had insertable prints, a powerful sound speaker, a backlit clock and a phone charging point at its back. This nearly had everything one could expect in a bedside device. Harmony surely is the most unique personalized gift now.


These are only the best of lot. There are many theme based or event centric personalized gifts designed by Zoci Voci. For example a mother’s nest photo lamp for Mother’s Day or Ek Hazaron me for Rakhi gifts. From a range of over 50 designs, one can have his/her pick for a customized lamp.

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