The Perfect Diwali Gift

A boy holding a customised gift on Diwali

The Perfect Diwali Gift

It is only days to go for the great Indian festival. The day, which marks the home coming of Ram is like a treasure box for Indians. From new clothes to that Eidi, all have to wait for the whole year, for this day to come. It may be the bliss of having those once in a year delicacies or lighting those odd numbered lamps, Diwali is essentially about spreading joy. And the most challenging part of this process is choosing among the best gifts for Diwali for your loved one.

Sweet and dry fruit boxes a thing of past. Many don’t even consider them gifts now. They would wait for you to pop out something even after you give that. Also, more than often it goes into that never ending exchange cycle of courtesies. A couple of years and that dry fruit box can even come back to you some day.

Good Gifting

Essentially, good gifting is a process of designing a never had experience or getting that useful product which not only is beautiful, but so unique that it arches a memory. Experiences though may not be ideal for an occasion like Diwali, when people mostly have stuffed plans.

Home Decor

In products, picking a home décor product can be a safe and good choice. A laughing Buddha or a peaceful pose of Gautam Buddha are things which will stay and would remind them of you for years. Home interior is an integral part of one’s life and the recipient will treasure it.

But though this choice is safe, it can be boring to some as well. The new generation, where trends change faster than seasons, is always looking for something uniquely crafted. The other name of unique or customized gifting is personalized gifting. With technology developing every hour, it is possible to print on almost everything at the moment.

Personalised Gifting

From curtains to bed sheets, good old mugs to even lingerie, anything can be inked today. Though these photo gifts are uniquely amazing, and people love them, would they fit in with the theme of Diwali? The answer to both of these, the intersection between interiors and personalized, is the niche of personalized Interiors. Now though, we have come a long way zeroing down, this small segment still contains bed sheets, pillows, curtains, watches and what not. Depending on the taste and budget, all of these are brilliant choices as gifts for the people who love revisiting memories.

But, to add a little more touch of the festival of lights and a lot more smile on the recipient’s face, a personalized lamp, is the ideal choice for a gift this Diwali. He will not only love its unique feel, but treasure the memories radiating that beautiful light for years to come. Get spoiled for choice, with our 30+ designs here. And have a joy full Diwali 🙂

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