My magic and unique mother’s day gift – Nostalgia

Unique and Customized mother's day gift

My magic and unique mother’s day gift – Nostalgia

One fine April morning, I was skimming through the newspaper while having tea with my husband. On the third page of this newspaper, there comes a section of upcoming events in the city. I was looking for something related to music. My old daughter Shreya wanted to learn an instrument. And it could be a good use of her time in summer vacations from school. So I thought why don’t I find a summer class for her? While I was going through the photos, I saw this small trip which was getting organized next week. It was a mother-daughter one day trip which allowed only ladies. “A unique Mother’s day gift, a memory for your mom” – it said. My eyes lit up at this.

Mommy-daughter one day trip on Mother’s day

I had never given a gift to my mom on Mother’s day. In India, it is not such a widely celebrated occasion. This could be my chance. Over the years, I could hardly give time to my mom. With my duties as a wife and mother, the duty of a child took back seat. And my mom never complained. She was a woman full of grace. Being a mom, she understood the responsibilities of bearing a child. But Shreya was no more an infant. I did have time now. But it never occurred to me that I could make up for the time lost. Thinking of her beautiful smiling face, I decided to take her on this one day trip and make sure she has the time of her life.

I spoke to Shreya about it and she found the idea very exciting. She was pumped up about spreading a smile to her dear Naani. She suggested me to even buy a Mother’s day gift for her. The trip would be an experience, but a gift for mom could be something she will cherish for life.  I found that point valid. Hence I and Shreya started looking for a gift for my mom. We wanted to make this special. Something that would celebrate the hundreds of memories we have created so far. Hence we were looking for personalized gifts online.

A creative and unique mother’s day gift for my mom

I kept searching for a present online, but I could not find any idea which would match my excitement. After two days, Shreya came to me for showing me a video on Youtube. It was kind of a night lamp that had photos printed on it. I was awestruck at the first look of this. It seemed too good to be true. A beautiful tall tower lamp with a number of pictures printed on it! The light from inside was making the photos radiate. And when the user turned on a switch in it, the lamp started rotating. It was as if someone stole a dream from my subconscious and had put it in front of me. I kissed Shreya with the joy of finding a great and unique gift idea for my Mom.

Super safe delivery of an incredible customized gift!

Nostalgia, as they named was the series of rotating personalized photo lamps from Zoci Voci. I had selected the tower geometry, which was the tallest of their designs. They even had a free customized message card along with every gift. So I attached a note thanking my mom. With the size of the lamp being large, the only concern I had was about the safe delivery. The customized lamp was made of acrylic, but it had a motor and all.

I was not sure if they would be able to deliver such a craft safely. After all, it was all in the hands of the courier boy. I was worried that a bit of carelessness could spoil my Mother’s day gift for mom. The parcel arrived within 2 days of me sending the photos for my customized gift. I was very skeptical considering the time in which the delivery was made, and just hoped they didn’t do a bad job in haste. To be sure, I had checked their Google reviews before placing the order and they were excellent. I even read about their customer reviews on amazon which were great and made me assured that I was buying a good product.

Personalized Rotating Photo Lamp

Amazon Review – Rotating Photo Lamp

Quality of the rotating photo lamp

The lamp was out of the box soon. And the prints looked fabulous. I took a deep breath. The customized photo lamp was true to its description. High-quality prints secured with neat lamination. With light the pictures literally came to life. It made me smile. Shreya was already jumping in joy looking at this. But I still had one doubt. The USP of the product was its rotation. And it was also its testing factor. I had ordered products in past, which would stop rotating soon. And considering the size of the lamp above the rotating kit, I was not sure.

I closed my eyes to click that switch which controlled rotation. In the next moment, I was sure that my Mother’s day gift is going to be the best present for any mom on that trip. I was ecstatic seeing my mother’s pictures rotating one after the other with this warm glow from within.

Mother’s day and the surprise gift!

Everything was set. I, mom, and Shreya went to the full day trip. In the first half, it was an amusement park picnic. We sat in all types of rides and swings. It was so adorable to see my mom enjoying like a kid with Shreya. With all the other ladies, we played musical chairs, tug of war, and many other games. As soon as it was lunchtime, we all gathered for a big cake which all mothers were supposed to cut together. Every one clapped vigorously and we had a small cake fight as well. After this was the moment, I had been waiting for.

I prompted Shreya to bring in the gifts from the bus. And mom understood that it was something special. I blindfolded her with a handkerchief. I took her to an empty room there and switched off the lights. Shreya set up the lamp and got its rotation on. And then I asked mom to open her eyes.

She was stunned at the sight of the lamp. She went close to the lamp and looked silently at each of the pictures. And memories of her marriage, my childhood, my marriage, and a picture of her with toddler Shreya filled her eyes! She stood there in silence, so I went close to her and hugged her tight saying “Happy Mother’s day”. Her eyes were filled with joy when she turned back. I could not hold myself any longer and the three of us went into a group hug.

I thank ZV for making such a beautiful gift for mom. And delivering it safely in time! It was indeed a unique mother’s day gift!!

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