Unique wedding gifts for couple

Unique wedding gifts for couple

Are you late to plan the present for the new couple?  Giving a cash or voucher won’t make it special for a close friend or relative. We present to you an exclusive range of designs to buy wedding gift online for the new couple. Also, they will never forget your creativity to choose the most unique gift for their wedding day. These will make them feel special and will also remind them of their love for each other.


Nostalgia Circlet:


Wedding is the new start of the newlywed couple. They will be decorating their new room with lots of love and emotions. You can help them decorate their room with a beautiful bedside table lamp, and not just any lamp, a circular rotating photo lamp. It is a unique lampshade design with 5-6 of their best memories presenting one after the other in an edge- less circular geometry standing tall on a 6″ stainless steel stand.


3D moon lamp:

In India, we have tradition of giving gold and silver coins to couple as these are considered precious. Why not give them something even more precious? The moon itself 😉 In olden times to express the depth of their love, men used to offer bringing the stars and moon for their beloved. In the 21st century, it is possible to make that saying come true!  A customized moon lamp printed with the photo of the couple and caption on the back is the best wedding gift one can think of. Best part of the moon lamp is that it has a multicolored LED inside. The color of light changes with a touch. Yellow, blue, cyan, red, pink, green and the list goes on with the number of beautiful color shades this lamp produces. These multicolored lights will give the perfect romantic feel to the couple’s room.


Mosaic frame:

In modern times, couples spend a beautiful courtship period before their wedding to know more of each other. There is nothing more precious to them than the time they have spent in that golden period. The best way to cherish those beautiful moments all together is a Memorabilia Mosaic photo frame.


Mr and Mrs. frame:

Every newlywed couple gets a glow in their eyes when they see their names connected to each other as Mr. and Mrs.. So, why not bring that charming smile to their faces by gifting them a beautiful backlight frame with a cutout of Mr. and Mrs. above and surname below the frame and a cute smiling photo of the couple in the frame.  The couple would cherish this whole their life in their living room table or bed side table.


Monogram– Personalized alphabet lamp:

We know our friends and family well, some love taking pictures and express their love with photos and the others are very private and refrain from placing photos anywhere.  How to give personalized touch to their gift?? Here is the solution. A beautiful wall art using their names and initial in the best way. A monogram lamp is an initial alphabet design where the first alphabet is cutout in big size and the full name comes in between. The floral wings on top and bottom make the vector come out beautifully.


Personalized Clock:

At the start of their journey, what could be a better wedding gift than a personalized souvenir of the good times to follow? A personalized wall clock with a pre-wedding picture of the couple would be there with them for a long time to come and will remind of your affection every instance they check time.


Couple mug set

In today’s world, the morning tea/coffee is the only time a couple gets to sit and have a chat. Make their first drinks more special with a custom made coffee mug set. Printed with their name and pictures these personalized mug sets make for a splendid wedding present.


4play – The Game before the game

Make their first night even more exciting with a board game that gives exciting tasks to them. This would be a very candid present that will bring a lot of joy to their bedroom.


So take your pick and give a wedding gift the bride and groom would never forget!

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