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Nameplate Trends – Latest Name Plate design

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Are you looking for the latest name plate design for your home?  Do you want to make your front door reflect your best style and your home’s identity? The nameplate is something that gives direction to your house, and is a part of your house as well! The name plate in front of your house is the first impression among guests.

Nowadays, there are many trends in nameplates like traditional, modern, abstract, concept-based, and so on. Nameplates are customized according to the religion of the family or their mother-tongue also. There is quite a rise seen in regional language nameplates nowadays.

Here are some trends in the latest name plate design that you can refer to while choosing the best nameplate for your house.

Personalized Name Plates

People are moving on from the traditional nameplates, that is the one with just surname on them or with the name of the head of the family. The current trends in modern nameplates are customizing your nameplates that are more inclusive of your family.

Meaning the new design for nameplates includes the name of each member of the family. It showcases the name of the children as well as the pets. You can further personalize them by adding a photo of your family. Customized nameplates with pictures and the name of each house member are the perfect entrance to your home.

family name plate

Quotes on Name Plates

A rising trend that we have seen among people is there is a trend of positivity seen. People have understood the importance of spreading positive energy among their circle because everyone wants positive energy in their house. And your home’s entrance shouldn’t be any different.

So what can you do to spread positive energy with just a nameplate? You can add a quote that will bring a smile to whoever comes on your doorstep.

For example, one of our customers got the following written below their name – “Come as Friends, Leave as Family.” This creative quote for a name plate tells a lot about the host’s nature. It would instantly make the person coming in feel invited.  This simple quote tells about how the house’s owner is and will surely bring a smile to whoever comes to visit your humble abode.

Illuminating Name Plates

Another trend in nameplate is that people don’t want their nameplates much crowded; they want to keep it simple and clean. This is the trend of minimalism. People love their house to minimalist, and why shouldn’t the nameplate be as well?

But, minimalism doesn’t mean that you still can’t make it stylish. One thing that is stylish as well simple is LIGHTS!

You can make your front door very illuminating with an LED Name Plate for your home. There are many options available in any LED Nameplate that will simply light up for your entrance with just your surname, or you can add a beautiful design to give it a more contemporary touch.

If you wish to go more creative, you can get a Radium Name Plate! Nothing is as innovative as a nameplate that is simple in the day but radiates in the night!

LED name plate

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Regional Language Name Plates

People nowadays love to make their home more connected to their culture. They make their house’s interior with the touches that reflect their culture and their native’s most favorite memories. So why not let your front door have that touch as well?

Nothing defines your identity, best like the culture you grew up in. Choose a nameplate that comes with your family name in your mother tongue. This will add more of an artistic touch to your home.

led name plate - 4"x12"

Tips for Name Plates

Here are some quick tips that you can refer to while choosing the perfect nameplate for your door.

  • Make sure that your nameplate is wide and big enough to have both your name and surname as well as the house number, which can be seen clearly from at least a foot away.
  • The design chosen for the nameplate should always mix well with the front door.
  • The main door and nameplate should be well lit.
  • Choose the style of a nameplate that is stylish, yet simple.

What to convey on that first impression is a matter of choice. But it is an excellent opportunity to introduce oneself. Do not miss that!

If you are confused as to which type of latest name plate design to chose, or anything else related to it, you can always contact Zoci Voci for an expert opinion on name plates. We offer free personalized gift consultation.

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