Notorious DIY Gift Ideas For Rakhi – The day of perennial extortion!

Notorious DIY Gift Ideas For Rakhi – The day of perennial extortion!

It is only weeks to count for rakshabandhan, when clad in new bright colors, having a wide smile on her face, she walks up to you. She takes a band from that plate and ties it tight around your right wrist, every one taking pictures in their phones, asking you to smile. But you can’t. You know what this is going to end into, as you have not prepared a rakhi gift for her.

She takes a live flame right around your face with her smile getting wicked. Now, she can sense the moment nearing now. She offers a small piece of sweet to you and before even you finish gulping it down, it is there. Her cheeks touching her eyes and her hands open as wide as they can get in front of you, asking for that yearly token of perennial extortion – her gift!

Rakshabandhan is now near. So it is better to start planning the thing which is her right (as moms say) now, rather than embarrassing yourself as you pull out a money cover that day. Money is no gift. It is currency and it perishes. This Rakhi, gift your cute little terrorist something which stays with her and creates a memory that remains with both of you.

Personalized lamps would get her awestruck with their uniqueness, would remain with her for life and also remind her of your love on every night of its use. Creative LED Photo Frames shall be ideal gift remembering all those mischiefs you have done together or share your love by gifting her a photo frame with age old song depicted by emojis. These could serve as some of the coolest rakhi gift for your sister.

But for those of us, who want to be notorious and create a bang this Rakshabandhan, following are some mischievous DIY gift ideas you can make for your sister this year:

The Big Gift Box!

Personalized gift box

For ages, size has mattered for girls! (No pun intended). The bigger the gift is, the wider is her smile. So this Rakhi, gift her exactly she wants. A big, big box. Now, find a box smaller than this size.  Keep on putting boxes smaller than the previous size, until you reach the size of a match box, put a candy/gum inside it and keep a message written – “Now, we are even!” . Gift wrap all these boxes neatly and make your escape plan ready after she reads this note as your “exchange of sweets” may get her chasing you for some more of exchange. And it will not be sweet this time!


The Magic Fountain Rakhi Gift !

Personalized Rakhi gift, gift for sister, gift for brother

This Rakhi gift box is also going to be big. Find a box which is long enough to take a plastic bottle, but also has a small cross section, which does not let the bottle slip on one side. Finding a perfect fit is difficult to find. You can choose something like a syrup box and stuff it with extra packaging on the sides to make sure the bottle stands upright.

Make a cut on one side of the box, wide enough for getting your wrist in. Fill the bottle with water until 80% and pore some holes on the bottle cap before placing it back. Now mask the plastic bottle with some packaging at the position, which will be visible from that slit. You can use her photo print and wrap it around for giving a personalized feel.

Wrap the box beautifully and stick a number of tapes to make the unpacking difficult. Now, when your excited sister is opening the box, be a good brother and help her. And when she finally opens the last side of your box and is just about to see what is inside, squeeze the bottle. The magic fountain will do the trick and you can even repeat the squeeze to repeat the magic.


Bon Appetite!

Rakhi gift ideas for sister

We all love food and what can be a better gift than cooking a meal for your sister. Choose her favorite dish and make it. Take help from someone in the house if needed or ordering from out is always an option. She will get tears of love when she witnesses your effort to get a smile on her face. And now the fun begins.

While cooking or after ordering, other than putting a lot of love also use some fake insects/spiders (easily available from toy store). Don’t put a lot of it, so that it looks doesn’t look fake. It must also not be visible from the outside. It is only when she takes a dig into her favorite meal, that she finds the devil. She will freak out and run away with fear. You can then take one of those out and run behind her.


The Funny Nostalgia Rakhi Gift !

Rakhi gift for sister

If you’re reading this, you’re surely one of those who’ve captured every embarrassing moment of your sister till date. This Rakshabandhan, it’s time to gather all your brilliantly taken pictures, put them up in a single A3 sheet. This includes notorious captions, her humiliating moods and note some of those incidents which you don’t have a picture of. Make sure you get everything on it, before you make a roll and present it to her.


Wake up Sis!


Does your sister sleep till late and you are tired waking her up every morning? It is time to ring some alarms! On the night before Rakshabandhan, find many table-clocks and set alarms 10 minutes after the other. You can even use some old mobile headsets for this purpose. After doing this tie a Rakhi on each one of these. Hide them at different places where your sister sleeps and let her get reminded of your Rakshabandhan love, the whole night. Make sure you have your own door latched well before this trick goes into action though!

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