Bodhi Tree Name plate for home

  • Representation of the Bodhi Tree, under which Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment.
  • A name plate for home which poetically speaks of the spirit inside.
  • Top leaves giving shelter, while roots strongly grounded. A circle of life as periphery.
  • Laser cutout in acrylic and MDF.
  • Size: 12 inch.
Preview will be sent to you before production.

Family name plate for apartment and bungalow

  • One Personalised Home Name Plate with space for each member of the family.
  • Size (H x W)- 14 x 18 inches
  • Material: MDF, textured vinyl, white and black acrylic.
  • A mix of light and dark wood finish complementing with black and white acrylic letters
  • Cool hut shaped design giving a modern millennial touch to the conventional name board.
  • The nameplate comes in parts with manual inside for easy assembly

House name plate with acrylic letters

  • One Personalised Name Plate using the best of wooden and acrylic.
  • Edgy boundaries masking the conventional eye-pleasing rectangular geometry
  • White acrylic fonts shining beautifully on dark wooden textured MDF base
  • Comes with a wall hanging hook on the back.
  • Size (H x W)- 6 x 12 inches
  • Material- Laser cut wooden MDF, pasted with textured dark wooden vinyl
Preview will be given to you before production.

Oval leaves name plate

Oval shapes MDF name plate with dark wooden texture Names are laser cut in white acrylic Size: 10" x 14" Acrylic laser cut green leaves are added to decorate the name plate. A preview will be given before production Customizable in any language

Personalized Name Plate

  • Sublimation Glass Fininsh Metal sheet
  • Solid Wooden Base
  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Table Top or Wall Hanging
  • Easy Removable Metal Stand
  • Scratch Proof & Unbreackable
  • Print Size (In Inches)= 12x3

Smiling wooden name plate with acrylic fonts

A minimalist name plate which hints a happy face Effective presentation of apartment number and surname below. Letters are laser cut in white acrylic and fixed atop. Comes with wall hanging arrangement on the back panel. Size : 8" X 8"

Swagatam – An Indian House Name Plate Design

  • A house name plate design which celebrates India.
  • Hindi font name plate with colorful flowers in cutouts.
  • Welcomes your guest with a “swagatam” in golden fonts.
  • Dark wooden base with two colored acrylic fonts & flower cutouts.
  • Size: 6 inch x 12 inch
Preview will be sent to you before production.  

Swastika wooden name plate

  • Dark wooden figure complemented by white glossy acrylic.
  • Black acrylic fonts and home icon.
  • Swastika is cutout in white acrylic.
  • Material: 3 mm MDF + 3 mm white acrylic + 3 mm Black acrylic
  • Size: 12 x 8 inch.