Customized photo caricatures are a great way to make some one feel how special they are. Any feeling for the recipient can be realizes through this art form. For example, a man is newly wed and on his first anniversary wants to show affection to his wife. He does not want it to be any regular gifting idea. He wants the gift to express that the marriage has bring a lot of joy to him and he is loving the journey. A perfect gift to express this emotion would be “You drive me crazy” caricature standee. In this, the lady drives a two wheeler and the man is seen behind in full joy. His posture suggests that he is loving the ride. The design hence expresses the joy the man has when he is with the lady. With customized faces, this art becomes the perfect personalized gift online.

Select a design which expresses your emotion to fullest and send in front facing pictures. Caricatures need front facing images as they usually are art forms designed with frontal postures. The artist will then use these images with the design selected and blend the colors. The faces are kept bigger to further magnify the impact of exaggeration.


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Balanced relationship caricature standee

1. Personalized gift couple caricature with two photos 2. Power of a pushup and peace of yoga, showing how the partners complete each other. 3. Wooden base for stable stand on desk. 4. Material is acrylic. Size: 6" x 4".

Bike rider caricature

1. Personalized gift caricature with one photos 2. An appropriate gift for your brother, boyfriend, husband or father with a love for bikes and riding. 3. Black acrylic base for stable stand on desk. 4. Material is acrylic. Size: 8″ x 6″.

Birthday Gift for sisters – Friends caricature standee

A birthday gift for sisters who do everything together Personalized with three photos and one caption Size: 6 x 4 x 2 inch. Material: Sublimation MDF for caricature, black acrylic for base A photo caricature which celebrates sisterhood or friendship among women  

Cool bro caricature standee

1. Personalized gift caricature with one photos 2. A perfect gift for your brother or anyone with full of energy lifestyle. 3. Black acylic base for stable stand on desk. 4. Material is acrylic. Size: 8″ x 6″.

Family caricature – Personalized gift

Personalized family caricature for 4 members Size: 6 x 4 x 2 inch High quality print on sublimation MDF wood. Black acrylic stand below Send four front facing photos Surname on the base below is also customized. Only face will be cut and set in the design. Hair and dressing will remain as given in the design.

Forever young birthday caricature standee

1. Birthday gift for some one who remains forever young 2. Photo caricature with one picture. 3. Celebrate the cheerful spirit of a lady with this unique caricature. 4. Size: 6" x 4". Material: Acrylic.

Gift for corporate employee/boss – Personalized Caricature

Creative gift for boss, employee or corporate staff Handsome caricature design with blue blazer, brown leather shoes and white shirt Personalized gift – Face will be cutout from the photo you provide Black acrylic base with custom name Brilliant colors and premium quality print on sublimation MDF wood Size: 6”x 4”x 2”. Ideal for table top in offices  

Gift for Doctor – Caricature Standee

 499.00 999.00
  1. Personalized gift for doctors  and medicine students
  2. Customized standee with photo and text below
  3. Size: 6 x 4 x 1 inch
  4. Material: Printed acrylic
  5. A quirky table top present.
Send front facing photo and name to [email protected] with order number.

Gift for new Mom and Dad – Caricature with toddler

A cool personalized gift for new parents Personalized with picture of husband, wife and toddler In all shades of blue, they represent a complete family Customized caption on the bottom acrylic base Brilliant print quality directly on wooden MDF. Size: 6 x 4 x 2 inch.

Gift for Nurse – Personalized Caricature standee

Gift for Nurse & Medical Students – Personalized caricature Face cutout done over a creative nurse background Brilliant colors and quality print done directly on MDF wood Black acrylic base with personalized name Size: 6 x 4 x 2 inch

Home is wherever Mom is – Personalized Caricature Frame

Cute caricature frame - Personalized with your Mom's photo.
  • 8 x 6 inches
  • Black pvc photo frame with wooden back board and laminated print and pvc stand
  • Please upload a front facing photo of your Mom! Artist will draw a caricature face based on it.
  • Only the face changes, clothing and background remains the same.
  • SKU: ZV037

IT Personalized caricature standee

A personalized caricature standee for IT professionals. With customized hair and toon face. Personalized with caption on the base below
Material: Sublimation MDF & Black acrylic
Size: 6 inch height x 4 inch width x 1.5 inch depth