Personalized Gifts in Pune

Personalized Gifts in Pune with Zoci Voci

Pune has been nicknamed ‘Oxford of the East’ with several renowned educational institutes present here. With youths from around the world studying here, the city has got a global texture in its culture. This has resulted in celebration of various festivals like Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day with equal fervor as the traditional ones like Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali. And celebration of festivals and occasions is not complete without gifts. While there are many options for regular gifts in the city, there is a dearth of stores offering Personalized Gifts in Pune. This is true for new-fangled developments like Wakad, Hadapsar, Chinchwad and the like. Instead of traveling to the main city to buy personalized gifts, residents now find it easy to get it delivered with Zoci Voci.

The preference for personalized gifts in Pune

Gone are the days of gifting chocolates, bed-sheets or flower bouquets. People now prefer giving exclusive gifts that makes the recipient feel special and loved. It is the era of personalization. Right from photo frames to homes, every little thing is being personalized. Then, why gifts should be left behind! People in Pune are going berserk over customized gifts. Zoci Voci gives them every reason to rejoice. With a selected range of Personalized photo lamps and photo frames , we have made it easy and simple for Punekars to make their friends and relatives feel special all around the year, especially during festivals and occasions.

Elegant and Exclusive Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great fervor and joy in this city. With a huge population of students and youth, the city wears a dreamy look on this day. People send specialized gifts to their loved ones residing in Pune from all over the world. We at Zoci Voci make sure that the chosen gifts reach well in time to the recipients, with personal messages. There is a huge range of exclusive gifts designed especially for the day of love. One can choose amid personalized cubelit lamp, glow in dark photo frame, 4Play – the game before the game and many others.

The requisite of functional gifts

With the number of occasions rising, homes and offices get flooded with many gifts on each one of them. This only gives rise to clutter. Keeping this thought in mind, Zoci Voci has come up with the concept of functional gifts. These are the gifts that serve more than one purpose, saving space in the home or office desk. For instance, there are photo frames that double up as night lamp. Then the recent introduction is Harmony – a complete office desk solution. This awesome thing offers changeable prints, backlit wall-clock with glow in dark hands, a Bluetooth speaker to play music, a female USB port for fast phone charging and two switches with independent use of light and speaker. Interesting, isn’t this!

Gift Contemporary Lamps in Pune

The need and demand for lamps has not died down as it is believed. A research by us revealed that the only reason people are averse of lamps these days is their design and huge space consumption. Hence, we have come up with contemporary and functional lamps that enhance the home decor and even serve the purpose to the tee. The designer lamps in Pune are a rage not only for gifting but also for utilization at home and offices. Some lamps even come with the option of writing a message that flashes together with the personalized photo frames.

Next day gift delivery:

Photo frames are such gifts that have been done to death. However, Zoci Voci introduces an entire range of photo frames that are apt for gifts. This is because they are interesting, innovative and functional as well. These photo frames come in several options like sequential lighting, personalized caricature frames, witty messages, wood engraved and many others.

With its fascinating range of gifts, Zoci Voci has made it easy for people to Buy Personalized Gifts Online and send it to loved ones residing in Pune. We at Zoci Voci very well know that a gift expresses the best.