Telepathy – Raining Diamonds (1 Lamp)

Telepathy lamps - Raining diamonds

Telepathy – Raining Diamonds (1 Lamp)


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  • Telepathy – A touch on one lamp makes the other lamp glow. They may be countries apart.
  • Connected via internet, the lamps communicate affection like never before.
  • Long touch on sensor lets one select between 256 different shades of color.
  • No mobile app or device dependence. Telepathy is a standalone IoT lamp.
  • Size: 10 (h) x 4(w) x 4 (d) inch. Material: Acrylic + laminated prints + stainless steel sensors.

One lamp can be connected to an existing group of lamps with entering same email id while setting up.


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A lamp that connects beyond boundaries is Telepathy!

Your loved ones could be countries apart; you can brighten up their day with a simple touch. With an RGB LED inside, the lamp gives you a wide spectrum of colors to choose from. Once you decide a color, all lamps in your connected group will radiate the same shade every time you touch on it. It could be a friend living away or your family back home; this internet connected lamp lets you communicate affection seamlessly.

So a kid, who lives away reminding his grandpa of medicine time, is now just a touch away.

At home, a mom can now just place her palm on Telepathy; working at office, her son would know that its lunch time.

In a courtship period a couple could use Telepathy to communicate how much they want to be together.

Raining Diamonds: This is an abstract design which has a futuristic world feel to it. It fits well into the modern day home décor.

Material: Acrylic, laminated prints, Stainless steel for sensors.

Size: 10 (height) x 4(width) x 4(depth) inches Set up: Lamps come with a user manual.

While entering the Wifi credentials, a common id is used to pair two/more lamps.

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 34 × 13 × 13 cm

1 Lamp, Set of 2


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