Frequently asked questions about personalized photo lamps

Frequently asked questions about personalized photo lamps

A personalized photo mug is a ceramic white mug on which a picture is heat printed. It is usually oven safe and completely washable. The product is simple to understand from the pictures and the design differences are obvious from visual images. But same is not the case when one looks to buy personalized photo lamps online. The design, geometries, features, number of pictures and life are specific for each design and has to be understood well before clicking the buy button. So here are some frequently asked questions which we have faced, being the oldest seller for these amazing photo lamps.


Q: What is the material used for making these customized lamps?

A: Though a number of designs in paper and wood are available, Zoci Voci uses acrylic and laminated sheets for making their lamps. This gives them a solid feel when touched and a very long life compared to paper models.


Q: Will these photo lamps break if they fall?

A: Use of acrylic sheets makes ZV lamps almost unbreakable. All our designs are engineered to give strength to the geometry so that they don’t break in normal impacts.


Q: Can we change the photos in a personalized lamp?

A: Apart from our new designs like Harmony – A complete desk solution and few others, all other personalized lamps cannot be reprinted by you. It will need a professional job. We can do it for you at an extra cost. Contact us for any such requirement.


Q: What is the usual life of a customized lamp?

A: We laminate all our prints. Moreover, there is an edge lamination done in designs which are frameless to prevent peel-off. This prevents the print’s contact to any exterior environment, making them good for many years. Also, we use high quality LED modules with added heat sinks in all our personalized lamps. This gives them good electric life. On an average one light lasts for around 4-5 years.


Q: Can the light be changed?

A: Yes. All ZV lamps are designed so that the electric fitting can be easily changed by opening the bottom/back sheet. This can easily be done at any electric shop.


Q: Do all photo lamps rotate?

A: No. This is a question we get asked a lot. Only Nostalgia series photo lamps rotate. All others are steady lamps with stand/hanging/tabletop as they are seen in the product images.


Q: Is this a handmade craft?

A: No. These are machine cut products which involve a lot of craftsmanship. And they cannot be produced by a layman.


Q: How many pictures can we put?

A: That depends on the design you choose. For example, a tower lamp takes up to 12-13 photos. This makes it the best choice while selecting Personalized Anniversary gifts. Please check product descriptions for this.


Q: How to send the photos?

A: While ordering on our website, once you make the payment, you will be redirected to a page where you can upload the photos for your order.


Q: Will whatsapp/facebook photos come out well?

A: This depends on the size of lamp. For example a Cubelit mini lamp which is only 4” each side, all photos can work. This makes it a popular choice while choosing between Personalized Birthday Gifts. But for bigger sizes, they may not come out as well. You can contact our customer care/live chat team and show them the pictures before placing the order.


Q: How much time does it take for photo lamp to deliver?

A: Typically we deliver all orders within 3-7 days to major cities of the country. One can get an express delivery of 1-4 days by paying 10% additional of the product value.


Q: Can a personalized lamp be delivered to a remote pin code?

A: Having Blue dart and Speed post in tie up, we usually deliver personalized lamps to nearly all pin codes of the country. If you still want to be sure, contact us before ordering.


Q: What if it gets damaged in transit?

A: Having an experience of over 4 years in sending personalized lamps and photo frames online, we have designed our packaging such that our defect ratio is less than 0.5% currently. But if there is any defect in the product received, we will provide a resolution/replacement and you will have a completely fine working lamp.


These are some of the questions which we have answered often. But in case you have any other query, contact us. We are happy to help.

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