Wedding couple caricature frameWedding couple caricature frame

Ultimate Wedding Pose Photo Frame

Wedding couple caricature frame

Ultimate Wedding Pose Photo Frame


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  • Cool Gift for the new couple.
  • Personalized with two photos.
  • Our team with cut off the photos’ background and use in the design.
  • White PVC frame with laminated Print.
  • Self stand and wall hanging facility provided.

Personalization: Send photos to [email protected] along with order number.

Delivery :
Metro cities - 2 working days
Non metro - whatsapp 96246 22160 for confirmation.

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Based on the Indian Hindu tradition, every girl have a few dreams for her wedding. These dreams include her dressed up in red attire like a princess waiting for her prince charming coming on a horse back. This traditional dream of wedding is very common and our Bollywood have given so many songs dedicated to this lifetime event of the two. One such song devodated to this event is “Dulhan hum le jaenge”. All together, this song can bring that dream of the bride and the groom to reality with the wedding couple caricature frame. Hence, the bride and groom on the wedding horse is a perfect memorabilia for the new couple.

This wedding couple caricature is personalized with 2 photos, one of each bride and couple. Also, with the photos cut out from background, you don’t need a couple picture for this beautiful wedding gift. The design of the frame is made in monochromatic pink color and yellow boarders. The design contain the groom siting on a horse back and holding the bride in his lap. The song tagline, the shahnai and tabla images enhance the Indian wedding effect of the frame. The caricature is printed on glossy laminated photopaper and framed in a white boarder frame. The size is the caricature is  6″ x 8″.

The photo frame is a ultimate wedding gift for a new couple on their wedding day. It will remain a momento of their wedding as a lifetime gift for their desk. This caricature frame can also be a perfect gift for proposal to a girl for marriage telling her that you want to take her for life.

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