Caricature – A dream relived in a gift

Gift is a product which is intended to bring joy. It could be a birthday gift or anniversary present, irrespective of the occasion, the basic idea behind a gift is to give a smile.

But why to give only a smile, when a gift can generate laughter? Personalized caricature is one such idea. It exaggerates the features of a photo to an extent that it becomes a cool keepsake. One may not have been able to live all his passions in life. Caricatures are a way to make them live those smallest dreams.

A boy who loves cricket, but didn’t take up that sport professionally because he wanted to pursue engineering more. Give him a caricature art which shows his face in a batsman’s standee. It would be an exaggeration, a situation far from reality. But so are dreams. They don’t know what is possible. Caricature gifts are a human’s dreams relived into physical art forms. That caricature would remain on his work table and remind him always of the love he had for the game. It would make him smile and that is what a birthday gift is designed for.

Custom made with the recipient pictures, gift your loved one a dream they cherish. It could be the best gift of his/her life.

Personalized caricature for Mom

Selecting a gift for mom could be a very difficult choice. She has brought you to this world as an infant, took care of you as a toddler and fed you to be the strong individual you are today. In every stage of life, a mother gives so much. So a gift for her should be something that would exemplify her legend.

Caricature art which shows her having multiple hands doing all the chores of the house and still taking care of you could be a great idea. It is a single frame art which would showcase her super human skills to the fullest. Another good gift for mom could be a caricature where you are hid behind her ‘dupatta’. And it reads – Home is wherever mom is.


Couple caricature art – Cool Anniversary presents

This anniversary, induce life into your partner’s boring work desk. A caricature standee that shows you in biker clothes on your bike would be a cool thing to look at. Such caricature standee stand for the passions you share and celebrate the cool bond you have with each other.