About Us

The new era of personalizeduniqueuseful gifting.

We at Zoci Voci, look to develop fresh ideas and convert them into effective products to nurture the constantly changing market requirements. Having pioneered the concept of personalized lamps with Cubelit, we now have the widest range of these beautiful photo lamps in the world. The concept behind this perfect gifting idea was to create a unique and an everyday utility product which not only pleases the recipient when delivered, but brings a smile to him/her on every night of its use. With a number of memories treasured in a magnificent bed side lamp, it has virtually replaced the need of old photo frames and the big lamp shades in our rooms. Following is our guide to select from all our nature inspired geometries:

A symmetrical 5 sided structure provides an ideal balance for photo size and quantity proportion.
There is no end point of our memories and so is not for this lamp. Collect all your moods and fix it on this beautiful edge -less lamp.
Antique as much as it can get. A four sided pyramid will set itself apart from all your interior products and stall for its unique beauty
Have beautiful landscape snaps and don’t wish to crop any part of it? Go for a rectangle lamp, which gives you a full photo width and doesn’t cut any of its background like a square cube.
We have a thing for portraits as well. Stand tall with 2 of your best vertical images and mix it with a blend of 7 other photos (3 each side) and a top image.
Add another dimension to your hanging light with this dice lamp. Hung from a vertex rather than a face, it adds a complete new element to the conventional cube.